Sonu Sood asked China about the delay in oxygen concentrators, China gave this answer

Sonu Sood asked China about the delay in oxygen concentrators, China gave this answer

Actor Sonu Sood helped many migrant and needy workers during the lockdown in the wake of the Corona epidemic. This series of help from him continues to this day. But now the corona epidemic situation has become scarier and Sonu Sood is doing everything possible to help the people. In the same sequence, Sonu asked questions about China’s oxygen concentrators to which the answer has come from the Chinese side.

The question was asked from China.

Someone tagged Sonu Sood and told them that hundreds of oxygen concentrators were to be brought from China to India, but that China is creating obstacles. At the time, what was Sonu tweeting, and what was it asking directly from China? In her tweet, Sonu Sood writes that ‘we are trying to bring hundreds of oxygen concentrators to India. Sad to say, China has blocked many of our shipments and lives are ending every minute here in India. I ask @China_Amb_India @MFA_China to help clear the way for our shipments so that we can save people’s lives. Sonu Sood has also tagged the Chinese Ambassador to India and the Ministry of the Chinese country with this tweet.

China’s response

Now on this, Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidang wrote that ‘Mr. Sood got information from his Twitter. China will fully assist in the battle of India from Kovid 19. According to my information, all cargo flight routes from China to India are normal. In the last two weeks, the cargo flights between China and India are working properly. ‘

Sonu also said thank you

Sonu further wrote in response that ‘Thank you for your response. I am in contact with your office to resolve this issue. They will appreciate your concern. ‘

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