Grippi Grewal violated coronavirus rules, arrested by police, then released on bail

Grippi Grewal violated coronavirus rules, arrested by police, then released on bail

The coronavirus epidemic has put the country in poor condition. The number of people who die every day and become infected with this dangerous virus is increasing. Alam, it has become difficult for patients to receive treatment in hospitals. At the same time, many people still seem careless amid the corona epidemic. However, the police are taking action against the negligent in their own way.

Similar action has also taken place with famous Punjabi singer and actor Gippy Grewal. He has been arrested by the police for violating the rules of the Kovid-19 restrictions while filming a movie in Banur, in the Patiala district of Punjab, on Saturday. Not only this, but other crew members have also been arrested on the film’s set along with Gippy Grewal.

According to news from the English website India Today, Gippy Grewal was shooting in the fields with his team in the Karala village of the Patiala Rajpura division. As soon as this information was received, the police raided the filming set and arrested other members of the crew, including Gippy Grewal. Not only this, but the police also took a challan while acting on the actor.

However, Gippy Grewal was released on bail for cutting the challan. According to information received from the police, Gippy Grewal and his team were filming the film, following the rules of the weekend confinement. A case has been registered against the plaintiff at the Banur Police Station under the relevant sections of Section 188 of the IPC (duly ordered by the public servant), the Epidemic Diseases Law and the Disaster Management Law.

However, no official statement has come out from Gippy Grewal on this matter. At the same time, according to media reports, the police raided the filming set when a death scene was being filmed in the field. When the police arrived, Gippy Grewal was asked to show the permission letter for the shooting. He was unable to show any letter of permission. At the same time, the police were informed that more than 100 people were present during the shooting, but when the police got there, there were not that many people.

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