Thala Ajit del Sur competes with Shahrukh Khan in popularity, as well as an actor, he is also a pilot.

Thala Ajit del Sur competes with Shahrukh Khan in popularity, as well as an actor, he is also a pilot.

Today is the 50th anniversary of South Tamil superstar and popular film actor Ajit Kumar. He was born on May 1, 1971 in Secunderabad, Hyderabad. The actor’s father is Tamil, while his mother is Bengali. Ajith has played many tremendous characters in his films. Thala Ajit’s popularity in the south is that as soon as her picture is published, the entire South Indian theater fills up with people. Today we will know the stardom and other aspects of this superstar.

Ajit Kumar is affectionately called Thala Ajit by the people of the South, which means leader or leader. He also started his career in childhood like other superstars like Kamal Haasan, Aamir Khan, and Hrithik Roshan. Ajith played the role of a child artist in many films.

Ajith appeared in a song from the Tamil movie ‘En Vidu in Kanawar’ released in 1990, in which he played the small role of a school student. Let people know that Ajith’s first film was ‘Amravati’ released in 1993, but that it started with a Telugu image titled ‘Prema Pushpakam’ released in 1992. The director of this film died during filming. ‘Prema Pushpakam’ was Ajith’s only film in Telugu.

Another interesting anecdote is associated with Ajit. Two of his movies were dubbed by another superstar. And he was none other than Vikram. However, Vikram was struggling at the time. She had dubbed in Ajith’s films ‘Amravati’ and ‘Pasmalargal’. After this, the two also worked together on a movie called ‘Ullasam’.

Ajith and actor Vijay were seen together in the movie ‘Rajavin Parvayale’. However, Thala had a small role in this movie. He played the role of Vijay’s friend. After this, they were seen working together again on Vasant’s ‘Nerruku Ner’. Vijay had also filmed for 18 days, but Ajith dropped out of the movie due to a date issue. Suriya worked in his place.

Let me tell you that at an event in Chennai, Shah Rukh Khan spoke about Ajit who had no idea how great superstars his co-stars are. Ajit was pretty straightforward during filming. The two superstars are known to have worked together on the movie ‘Ashoka’. Ajith played Ashoka’s younger half-brother.

Ajit Kumar married Shalini, the co-star of the movie ‘Amarkamal’, on April 24, 2000. Shalini is also a famous Southern movie actress. They also have two children. The son’s name is Advik and the daughter’s Anushka.

Please tell us that after leaving school, Ajit Kumar made his career in auto racing. He has participated in the Formula 3 season held in the United Kingdom in 2004 as a Formula 2 driver. Ajith had secured the third position in this race. In addition to acting and car racing, he is also a trending pilot, who can travel in a fighter plane. Ajith makes model airplanes himself at home. Ajit is very fond of bicycles. It has several collections.

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