Juhi Chawla remembers Rishi Kapoor, the actress said: ‘Chintu Ji called me an Insurance Actress’

Juhi Chawla remembers Rishi Kapoor, the actress said: 'Chintu Ji called me an Insurance Actress'

Hindi film veteran Rishi Kapoor said goodbye to the world on April 30 last year. On Friday, his fans and family are scheduled to celebrate his first death anniversary. Rishi Kapoor used to be among the great Bollywood actors. He performed with many big stars and left an indelible mark on the screen.

Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla remembers her on the first anniversary of Rishi Kapoor’s death. He has also shared his special memories that happened with them. Juhi Chawla and Rishi Kapoor acted in many of the great and successful Bollywood films. Juhi Chawla spoke to the English-language website Times of India. During this time he has shared memories associated with Rishi Kapoor from movie sets.

Juhi Chawla recalled what Rishi Kapoor did when he described the veteran actress as an insecure actress when she went to the monitor to check after each take. The actress has also said that Rishi Kapoor was as soft-hearted as she looked from the outside. He often pulled Juhi Chawla’s legs on film sets.

The actress said that Chintu Ji (Rishi Kapoor) was as soft-hearted as she looked at him from the outside. He always pulled my leg on set. Once an insurance actress called me because after each take I went to the monitor to check. Chintuji’s way of speaking was quite different. Whenever he spoke, it seemed like he was yelling at you. It looked tough from the outside, but it wasn’t. Once I understood what he is like, I loved talking to him. ‘

Juhi Chawla further said: One day, Rishi Kapoor called me an Insurer actress because she would go to the monitor after each take. His shots were excellent and I was concerned if he was doing well or not. In his style, he yelled at me that it is for the monitor director, not you, insurance actor. It was a lot of fun, I never asked him why he was so strict from the outside, but over time I enjoyed these things, but because he was cute.

It is worth noting that after a long time, Juhi Chawla was going to appear in the movie Sharmaji Namkeen with Rishi Kapoor, but after the death of the veteran actor, the role of Rishi Kapoor will now be Paresh Rawal. Let us tell you that on April 30 last year, Rishi Kapoor said goodbye to the world. Before that, he had battled cancer for about 2 years. He was also treated for cancer in New York.

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