Interview: ‘OTT allowed me to reach the audience, an opportunity I did not have through films’ – Rasika Duggal

Interview: 'OTT allowed me to reach the audience, an opportunity I did not have through films' - Rasika Duggal

If you were intrigued by the intrigues of Bina Tripathi in the second season of Mirzapur, now get ready to meet Dr. Meera Kapoor, who is due out on April 30 for the second season of the long-awaited Disney Plus Hotstar series ‘Out of Love’ (Out Of Love Season 2) returns with. Rasika Duggal, the best actress to play these characters, is very excited about the second season of Out of Love. In a special conversation with, Rasika spoke about her character and prospects during OTT.

‘Out of Love Season 2’ begins with the return of the character of Aakarsha, who ruined the life of his wife, Dr. Meera Kapoor, in the first season. Regarding her character in season two, Rasika says, ‘Dr. Meera Kapoor is in a very good space at the start of season two. Then the attraction returns and things change very quickly. After that, he begins to find his way. The beginning starts off strong. Meera is going to put up a tough competition this time.

Rasika had previously been in the news for the second season of Mirzapur. While the cult series focuses on the characters of Kaalin Bhaiya, Munna Bhaiya, and Guddu Bhaiya, the second season leaves the real player, Kaleen Bhaiya’s wife, Bina Tripathi, who is a very strong character.

Rasika distinguishes between these two characters: ‘Meena Kapoor is quite different from Bina Tripathi. Bina Tripathi is very confident. He is a master manipulator (conspirator). He knows his strength and his weakness. She knows how to play with him. You have a plan all the time. She plays that plan well. People don’t know what game they are playing. Meera Kapoor is a very straightforward and straightforward person, but she sometimes makes emotional decisions. After doing this, he also feels bad. There is no such confusion in the life of Bina Tripathi. He doesn’t care about breaking anyone’s heart or making someone’s life worse. ‘

Out of Love is portrayed by Poorab Kohli in the character of Aakarsha. Rasika has also worked with Poorab before, but this is the first project where they both play the main characters. Rasika says: ‘I’ve known East for many years. We have done many projects together before PoW, but those projects did not work with each other. Like, Purab made a movie called 10 ML Love. I had a small role in that. I had a leading role in Manto. There was a small role in the east. We also work together on POD, but our characters don’t achieve much. We get together for a scene or two, even where our interaction isn’t much. ‘

The harmonization of the Orient with the ideological level made Rasika’s job easier: “The Comfort label was there before, then it worked so close in the first season that the tuning sat smoothly from a performance point of view. I mean, I know how the east works. She knows how I work. As soon as East enters the set, he pays close attention to the technicalities. The East knows what enlightenment is like. Which lens is placed. Which axis will go after that. He is well aware of it.

I have a habit.Every time I take a break, I feel like I could have done better. As soon as I take it, I ask my director, co-actor, and cinematographer to give me one more shot. Could you do it better. The East knows this habit of mine. If you sit down to tune in with the co-actor, it helps a lot in your work, because any scene is made with two actors, not just one scene. ‘

Rasika has been appearing on digital platforms for almost five years, with notable work in film and television. He has played major roles in series such as Mirzapur, Delhi Crime, Made in Heaven, and A Adequate Boy. They are very happy for the diversity of content in this space. Rasika said: ‘I have never anticipated this growth of OTT because I am so busy with the details of the work that I cannot think from a business point of view. He doesn’t think much about the future. I respond to what is happening at the moment. But yes, I am very happy with the changes that have come, because through OTT I have had the opportunity to reach a large number of viewers, that I never had the opportunity of my films. Such a diverse job is happening. The public has appreciated all kinds of work.

In OTT, no one can say that such a thing will work. It’s a good thing. The space in which the opportunity to show diversity is offered is very healthy for any creative person. However, there is a lot of noise here now. I’m not saying that only good work is done here. There are good and bad things. But there is room for everything, so I am happy. ‘Rasika does not see any conflict between the OTT content platform and the theater business. They believe that both are completely different formats and both will run at the same time.

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