Five News: Ajay Devgan Organizes ICU for Corona Patients and Allu Arjun Gets Infected with Corona

Five News: Ajay Devgan Organizes ICU for Corona Patients and Allu Arjun Gets Infected with Corona

Everyone knows the situation of Corona in the country. Due to the increasing number of patients, there is a shortage of beds and then there is a shortage of oxygen. In such a situation, celebrities seek help after seeing the situation get worse. Recently, once again, Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgan has helped those infected by the crown. In Maharashtra, the crown is not taking a name. Meanwhile, Ajay Devgan has organized a 20-bed ICU on his behalf at Shivaji Park in Mumbai so that corona patients can be treated.

The country constantly battles the Crown epidemic and is doing everything possible to overcome it. Corona infection cases are increasing every day and in such a situation the central and state governments are also trying to prevent it. Corona’s infection is spreading rapidly and now the southern superstar Allu Arjun has taken control of it as well. You have tweeted this information from your Twitter account.

Corona is at its peak in the country and the news is coming that celebrities will be infected. Recently, television actress Aashka Goradia, who had said goodbye to the acting world just a few days ago, has also been infected with the crown. Aashka was about to meet America with her husband Brent Goble, but her report came back positive in the first place. Ashaka and her husband have also been infected with corona.

Across the country, the second wave of coronavirus looks terrifying. Now the situation has become that infected patients do not even receive treatment. Due to the lack of the necessary resources for treatment, many patients die in the hospital itself. At the same time, many movie stars have also offered their help at this difficult time. Meanwhile, Khiladi Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna have also volunteered to help those in need and have also organized an oxygen concentrator.

Bollywood actress and BJP MP from Chandigarh Kiran Kher are in the news due to cancer in the recent past. Meanwhile, social media users have started tracking Kiran Kher and her husband Anupam Kher for a different reason. In fact, Kiran Kher and Anupam Kher have shared a letter on social media.

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