Aman Verma could not see the mother’s breath due to a 12 minute delay, she said: ‘This will stay in my mind for life’

Aman Verma could not see the mother's breath due to a 12 minute delay, she said: 'This will stay in my mind for life'

The second wave of the Coronavirus has broken into people’s lives as a period. Millions of people are victims of it every day, so thousands of lives are being lost. What is common and what is special, no one can escape its clutches. Many celebrities lost their family members forever due to Corona recently. Recently, the mother of facial actor Aman Verma passed away due to Corona. The actor shared a post on his Instagram and was aware of it and paid tribute to his mother.

Following the mother’s passing, the actor has now expressed his grief. The actor said that due to this pandemic, he was not with his mother because he was filming even during this period and he did not want her to have any problems because of him. But perhaps not even Aman knows at the time that his wariness will give him the pang of his life. The actor said that due to the difference of only 12 minutes, he could not see his mother’s soulful breath, he arrived at the hospital 12 minutes late, and by then mother Kailash Verma had left this world.

In a conversation with the Hindustan Times, Aman said: “I was afraid that because of me they did not become covid, but now they are gone. He passed away 12 minutes before reaching my hospital. It will be on my mind my whole life. ‘

The actor said that on April 11 his mother slipped and fell, and two days later she was admitted to the Noida hospital. Although her Kovid test came back negative, she had other problems such as hypertension and obesity. Five days later, his oxygen level fell to a very bad state and he died.

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