Anupam Kher criticized this tweet in the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, people expressed their anger

Anupam Kher criticized this tweet in the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, people expressed their anger

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher is quite active on social media. Anupam makes full use of social media for this, whether it’s to express your opinion on a topic or to chat with fans. However, due to his tweets many times, Anupam is also a prey to trolls, as he has recently been taking one of his tweets. In fact, amid the ravages of the Coronavirus, a senior journalist posted a tweet on his Twitter account in which he expressed his pain at the panic and epidemic in the country and pointed to the government. Shekhar Gupta’s tweet was not to Anupam Kher’s liking and he gave a long and comprehensive reply in simple words.

Retweeting Shekhar Gupta’s tweet, the actor wrote: “Respected @ShekharGupta Ji! It has become too much. Even by your standards. Karona is a disaster. For the whole world. We have never faced this epidemic before. Government are Important. Charge them. But it is also our responsibility to deal with that. Don’t panic, by the way. Only Modi will come! We will be victorious! “

Because of this tweet from Anupam, people are controlling it. Someone expresses their anger at them by sharing a funny meme, while someone talks about seeing people crying outside of hospitals. See people’s comments on Anupam’s tweet.

Let me tell you that apart from Anupam, recently, film actress Kangana Ranaut also supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi and faced a retired IAS officer. People are pointing at the central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, looking at the situation in the country, trending all kinds of hashtags on social media. In such a situation, Kangana also joined this trend and tweeted in support of Prime Minister Modi, he wrote: ‘When you have the most capable leader in the world, then you shouldn’t try to become prime minister yourself. Support them, this is our religion and our actions. ‘

A retired IAS official, Surya Pratap Singh, responded to this tweet from Kangana, objecting. Surya Pratap Singh wrote: ‘Kangana Ji, are you a supporter of the Prime Minister or a staunch opponent? Because at this time, to destroy your image, such a trend can only be carried out by an enemy. When there are corpses everywhere, then your tendency is like an act of setting off firecrackers at someone’s ‘mayyat’. Eat iodine that contains salt, son.

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