Kangana Ranaut argued with a retired IAS official on Twitter, told Prime Minister Modi like a father

Kangana Ranaut argued with a retired IAS official on Twitter, told Prime Minister Modi like a father

The second wave of coronavirus is proving quite fatal. In such a situation, people are targeting the government and the prime minister right now. People blame PM Modi and his policies for the lack of treatment and facilities. But many people have also supported him. Among these people, the name of actress Kangana Ranaut is also included. Kangana, while supporting the prime minister, even called him a father figure for the country. At the same time, there was a fight with a retired IAS officer.

The hashtag #Bharat_ka_vir_put_modi started trending on Twitter in the past. Kangana also tweeted this hashtag. In his tweet, Kangana wrote: ‘When you have the most capable leader in the world, then you shouldn’t try to be the prime minister yourself. Support them, this is our religion and facts. A retired IAS officer, Surya Pratap Singh, objected to Kangana’s tweet.

In response to Kangna’s tweet, Surya Pratap Singh tweeted: ‘Kangana Ji, are you a supporter of the Prime Minister or are you a staunch opponent? Because at this time, to destroy your image, such a trend can only be carried out by an enemy. When there are corpses everywhere, then your tendency is like an act of setting off firecrackers at someone’s ‘mayyat’. Eat iodine that contains salt, son.

Kangana further responds to Surya Pratap Singh, saying: ‘Surya Ji, a person who spends his whole life serving the country and in return only receives jealousy, hatred and lies, in such difficult times, a person who can be seen in the whole country. He is leading the country, giving it morale, praising its efforts, work is not a favor for him, it is a favor for this country. ‘

In another tweet, Kangana says: ‘The prime minister is the country, keep the idea that he is different from us, so why pretend democracy, why do the work of such enormous economic cost to elect a representative by vote? the country. But the father is the same, it is unwise to doubt his fate or wish to defeat him.

At the same time, Surya Pratap replies: ‘Is the country the prime minister? Kangana Ji, whoever is writing the tweet for you, hasn’t read the ‘Citizenship’ book even until the eighth grade. Democracy is the form of government in which the dominant power remains in the hands of the people in the macro form, the public has the final control. Please study more.

It is worth noting that Kangana Ranaut often speaks with impunity on social media. Kangana often debates with people about this. At the same time, she also finds herself targeted by trolls multiple times. Many people tried to deceive Kangana even in this cold war with Surya Pratap of Kangana. However, this verbal war did not last long.

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