Kangana Reacts To Sonu Sood’s Negative Corona Report, Said: Quickly Cured Due To Vaccine

Kangana Reacts To Sonu Sood's Negative Corona Report, Said: Quickly Cured Due To Vaccine

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut maintains her opinion on all topics, and also responds to people’s tweets. Recently, actor Sonu Sood said via social media that his report on the crown has come back negative and that he is now healthy. Actress Kangana Ranaut has reacted to this by retweeting her tweet.

In fact, while sharing a picture of the social media identifier on Friday, he said that his corona report has been negative. He wrote in the caption: “The test report for the coronavirus has come back negative.” Kangana Ranaut reacted to this actor’s tweet.

Kangana Ranaut in her tweet has given all the credit for Sonu’s recovery to the Indian-made vaccine. He wrote that ‘Sonu Ji, you took the first dose of the Kovid vaccine and I see that you have recovered very quickly. You may want to praise the Indian-made vaccine and its effects so that people can also be encouraged to get vaccinated. ‘

People responded to this tweet from Kangana. Some people attributed Sonu Sood’s well-being to his noble actions. So some people while trolling Kangna said that some of their acquaintances had also been vaccinated, but even then they got infected and also died from Kovid-19.

Sonu Sood shared the news that her coronavirus got infected with fans on April 17. The special thing is that the actor had been vaccinated about ten days before catching the virus and after that, he was trapped in it. Sonu Sood was constantly helping people even after being infected by the crown.

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