The underworld don wanted to spend the night with this heroine, beauty had become a problem.

The underworld don wanted to spend the night with this heroine, beauty had become a problem.

Many actresses in Hindi cinema became famous for their beauty. If Ram talks about Mandakini, your dirty heroine from the Ganges, or Papa says the actress Mayuri is from the Congo. It was those actresses who were more beautiful than the movies. But over time, he said goodbye to the world of glamor. Today, on Unknown Stars, we will talk about the beautiful actress Jasmine in the movie Veerana. Do you know where Jasmine is now and what she is doing?

Jasmine was the only witch in the movie, people scared but less convinced of the beauty. After ‘Veerana’, Jasmine acted in many more horror films, such as ‘Band Darwaza’, ‘Dak Bungalow’ and ‘Purani Haveli’. But the most discussed was Veerana. The film was released in 1988.

After Veerana, Bollywood also became Jasmine’s Veeram. Even before this movie, I only had two movies. It is said that the underworld was overshadowed by the beauty of Don Jasmine. Jasmine had daily calls from the underworld. Along with this, it is said that Jasmine was upset with the underworld to the point that she left India for good and became anonymous.

Even today there is no news from Jasmine. Some people say that he is living abroad when he gets married, others believe that he is no longer in this world. He doesn’t even have a social media account. I mean, no one has solid information on Jasmine.

Her full name is said to be Jasmine Bhatia. In some reports, she is also described as Jasmine Dhunna. Producer and director ND Kothari cast Jasmine in the 1979 film Sarkar Atithi. The film also starred Vinod Khanna and Amjad Khan.

It would not be bad to say that the beauty of this heroine became a problem for this and she was forced to stay away from everyone’s gaze. All the mob don wanted to be with him, Jasmin got upset with this.

Jasmine was not the real name of this heroine. He called himself Jasmine for his bold role in the movies. Remember that Jasmine played both the horror character and the normal character in Veerana. The movie turned out to be a huge success. Today Jasmine fans watch the movie Veerana in her memory.

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