Five news stories: Bhojpuri lyricist Shyam Dehati dies and Shravan Rathore admitted to hospital

Five news stories: Bhojpuri lyricist Shyam Dehati dies and Shravan Rathore admitted to hospital

Famous lyricist Shyam Dehati of Bhojpuri movies and solo songs has passed away. He was receiving treatment in Gorakhpur after being infected by the crown. Singer and actor Khesari Lal Yadav deeply mourned his death. He said the songs written by Shyam Hick will always make him feel between us.

Nadeem-Shravan music composer duo Fame Shravan Rathod has been admitted to hospital. Shravan Rathore is reported to have been infected with Coronavirus. SL from Mumbai to treat them Raheja has been admitted to hospital. His condition is said to be critical. Due to illnesses other than Corona, his condition has become critical at this time.

Famous Marathi filmmaker and filmmaker Sumitra Bhave, who was part of directing and writing seven films that won the National Film Award, died in Pune on Monday after a prolonged lung disease. He was 78 years old. Born on January 12, 1943 in Pune, Sumita pursued her Masters in Political Science and Sociology after graduating from Fergusson College.

Bollywood actor Manoj Joshi is known for the best acting and comedy in the industry. He has also made a name for himself in the world of theater. At the same time, the actors are very active on social media and also keep writing about social issues. But the actors are being controlled by a tweet. In his tweet, he had allegedly targeted a particular community, which is now causing a scandal. There is a demand on social media to take action against Manoj Joshi.

Actress Swara Bhaskar is known for her flawless style and voices her opinion on all social issues. Right now, the whole country has been affected by the Corona epidemic and so far many people have come to Corona. Recently, Swara Bhaskar’s mother and the cook who cooks at home have also caught Corona. So right now, the actress has criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi in light of the Corona crisis.

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