Arjun Rampal shared romantic photos on his girlfriend’s birthday, write this special note for Gabriella

Arjun Rampal shared romantic photos on his girlfriend's birthday, write this special note for Gabriella

Bollywood actor and supermodel Arjun Rampal is known for his special performance. He has won the hearts of the people with his performance in many films. But in addition to acting, her romantic style is also worth seeing. Apart from the movie screen, the actor is also very romantic in personal life, whose testimony continues to give images of his girlfriends. Recently, he has shared special photos for Gabriela Demetriadis’s birthday and congratulated his girlfriend on her birthday in a very romantic way.

Arjun Rampal celebrated the birthday of his girlfriend Gabriela Demetriadis, whose sparkles have been shared on his Instagram with fans. His girlfriend and son Arik are seen in the photos. Gabriella is seen posing with Aric. The caption that Arjun has found with the photo shows his affection and love for his girlfriend. The actor wrote: ‘Happy birthday my beautiful girlfriend, I love you more every day. Happy Birthday. ‘

Social media users really like this style of Arjun and sending emojis with hearts. Let us know that you both often share the image on social media. Actor Arjun Rampal has not married Grabiella. They both live at the Live Inn. Speaking of Arjun and Grabiella’s love story, they met at a party during the IPL in 2009. Since then, the two have fallen in love with each other. Later Grabiella gave birth to her son Aric.

However, Arjun Rampal has been married before. He married then-supermodel Meher Jessia in 1998. The two decided to separate on May 28, 2018, after 20 years of marriage. There have been reports of a breakup between them since 2011. In 2018, they officially announced their separation.

Arjun recently came into the spotlight when the Mumbai unit of the Office of Narcotics Control raided the actor’s home during an investigation into the drug connection in Bollywood. During this raid, OCN officials confiscated some medications at his home. Speaking of the actor’s labor front, he will be seen in the movie ‘Dhakad’. Kangana Ranaut will accompany her in this film.

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