‘The terror of the film mafia in Bollywood increased so much, big stars like Akshay Kumar make a secret call’ – Kangana Ranaut

'The terror of the film mafia in Bollywood increased so much, big stars like Akshay Kumar make a secret call' - Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her outspokenness. The actress is very active on social media. From time to time, Kangana is seen giving her opinion on many topics from the country to Bollywood. At the same time, Kangana does not stop questioning anyone. Kangana has once again targeted the so-called “movie mafias”. He told how the big stars are afraid of the movie mafia and resort to secret calls to praise it. What’s special is that Kangana has also named Akshay Kumar in her tweet. Kangana’s tweet is now going viral on social media.

Actually, screenwriter Anirudh Guha saw a post on Twitter, according to which holding opinions in Bollywood can get you in trouble. After seeing this post, Anirudh tweeted that ‘Kangana Ranaut is an extraordinary actress, one of a kind in a generation’. What was it again? Kangana was unmoved upon hearing his praise and also responded to this tweet.

After seeing this tweet, Kangana wrote that ‘Bollywood is so hostile that even praising me here can cause problems for people. I get a lot of secret calls and messages. Even from big stars like Akshay Kumar. He praised the Thalaivi movie trailer, but just like the Alia and Deepika movies, he can’t openly praise it. Mafia Horror movie. ‘

After this Kangana tweeted another in which she wishes’ art was an art thing when it comes to purpose, and when it comes to cinema power play and politics are not involved, due to my views Politicians and spirituality shouldn’t point to bullying, harassment and segregation, if they do, then of course I will win. ‘

Kangana remains in the headlines for her opinion on social media and focused on Bollywood. Speaking of the front work of the actress, she will soon appear in the movie ‘Thalaivi’. His film will open on April 23. Kangana plays the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, in this film. His fans are eagerly awaiting this movie.

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