Sona Mahapatra Turns On Rekha For Indian Idol 12, Tells Anu Malik As Darinda

Sona Mahapatra Turns On Rekha For Indian Idol 12, Tells Anu Malik As Darinda

The famous singer Sona Mahapatra is very active on social media and openly expresses her opinion on social issues. Apart from this, Sona has also been in the headlines many times due to her statements. So right now Sona has questioned the return of singer Anu Malik on the singing reality show. Not only this, but she has also given her reaction to the evergreen actress Rekha who appears on this show.

Actress Rekha became part of the famous and popular singing reality show ‘Indian Idol 12’ on the small screen and because of this, she entered the discussion. He had a blast with all the contestants and judges upon arriving on the show. About this, Sona expressed her disappointment and at the same time called Anu Malik ‘Darinda’.

Sona Mahapatra tweeted: ‘Happy to see a fine artist and brilliant feminine line promoting a sad music reality show on social media. Why sad? What else would you call a show that gives a punk a place on your show? Anu Malik doesn’t even deserve the hashtag #India. ‘

Sona Mahapatra made serious accusations of sexual harassment against Anu Malik. Besides Sona, other singers also accused Anu Malik, after which he had to leave the show. At the same time, the National Commission for Women gave Anu Malik a clean fine in the absence of evidence.

Prior to this, Sona Mahapatra spoke about the ripped jeans controversy. In which he was receiving death threats. After posting on social media, Sona Mahapatra received death threats on Instagram, after which Sona closed her comment section and complained to the Mumbai police.

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