Marathi filmmaker accused Sanjay Raut of harassment, Kangana Ranaut said: proved right again

Marathi filmmaker accused Sanjay Raut of harassment, Kangana Ranaut said: proved right again

Actress Kangana Ranaut gives her answer in all cases. Then if the problem is related to them or not. Now, Marathi film producer Dr. Swapna Patkar has accused Sanjay Raut of harassing Shiv Sena’s MP. Not only this, but Swapna has also written a letter on social media requesting help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So now actress Kangana Ranaut has given her answer on this matter.

Swapna tweeted on Twitter and wrote: ‘Sanjay Raut has been using his party’s position and has maintained the system for the last 8 years, not only abusing it, but also harassing my family, relatives and friends. Every year different police officers call me at different police stations to investigate a crime. Annoy me. Aside from this, Swapna wrote in the caption, tweeting: ‘I want justice. Before they can kill him. Apart from this, he has tagged all of Prime Minister Modi’s other leaders.

So while retweeting this Swapna tweet, Kangana Ranaut wrote: ‘Once again I have been proven right. The whole world should ally against me and blame me for my battles, but I never back down from my words. 100% success rate, in the end, I always win. Ha ha, anyone should brag, man. ‘

In 2015, a film was made in Marathi about the life of Shiv Sena’s founder, Balasaheb Thackeray, titled ‘Balakadu’. Swapna later produced this movie. Swapna is a psychologist by profession. He is also the managing director of a film production company called ‘The Royal Marathi Entertainment’. Apart from this, he has also written a book ‘Jeevan Funda’ in Marathi in 2013.

Speaking about actress Kangana Ranaut’s job front, her movie ‘Thalaivi’ will open in theaters on April 23rd. The song from the movie ‘Chali Chali’ has been released. The news of postponing the release of the film ‘Thalaivi’ amid the growing corona epidemic is yet to come.

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