Kannada film industry veteran Pratima Devi dies and takes her last breath at the age of 88

Kannada film industry veteran Pratima Devi dies and takes her last breath at the age of 88

Pratima Devi, a veteran film industry actress from Kannada in the south, has passed away at the age of 88. It is said that she was ill and said goodbye to him on April 6 after her poor health. According to the information, his body was brought to the Mysore house for his last rites for the last rites.

Tell him that Pratima Devi acted in more than 60 films throughout his career. Her last film was Rama Shama Bhama, which was released in 2005. She was one of the oldest actresses in the South. Pratima Devi made her film debut in 1947 with a film titled ‘Krishna Leela’. After this, in the year 1951, he played the lead role in a movie called ‘Jaganmohini’.

Jaganmohini was Kannada’s first film to complete 100 consecutive days at the box office. Pratima Devi received the Lifetime Achievement Award 2000-01 from the Karnataka government. Tell him the actress was married to the director of South Shankar. His son Rajendra Singh is also a film director and his daughter Vijayalakshmi Singh is an actress and film producer.

Pratima Devi left home to fulfill her dreams as an actress. He was so obsessed with acting that at age 11 he began to make efforts to complete it. So he left his home in Udupi. At just 13 years old, he also entered the cinema. He got his first movie ‘Krishna Leela’ at such a young age.

Upon hearing the news of the passing of popular actress Pratima Devi, people and fans in the industry are saddened and in mourning on social media. One Twitter user wrote: ‘It saddens me to know that Pratima Devi is no more. She was a good person and a helpful person. Let us know that the veteran actress has three children: SV Rajendra Singh, Babu, and Vijayalakshmi Singh.

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