After Sana Khan, now this TV actor left acting out of religion, he said: ‘I am surrendering to Allah’

After Sana Khan, now this TV actor left acting out of religion, he said: 'I am surrendering to Allah'

Many Bollywood and television stars have said goodbye to the world of acting for religious and personal reasons. Last year, Bollywood actress Sana Khan left the acting world, giving Islam a breather. Now, in this episode, TV actor Saqib Khan also announced that he will leave the acting world citing religion.

Saqib Khan has been a part of the reality show Roadies. He has shared a photo of himself on his Instagram account. He has written a long post with this image. In this post, Saqib Khan has stated that he was wandering and going against the principles of his religion. He will not model or act in the future. He also told fans that he had a lot of projects, but that God had other plans for him.

Saqib Khan wrote in his post: ‘Aslamalekum brothers and sisters, I hope you are all doing well. Today’s post is about the announcement to leave the acting world. So I will not do any modeling or acting in the future. It’s not that the job didn’t pass me by or I gave up !! He had good projects. It was not the will of Allah. Surely some good and better God would have thought for me, Insha Allah. It is the best planner. ‘

Saqib Khan has explained in more detail in the post how he has seen people in Mumbai struggle to survive, but within a year he had gained a huge fan base and fame. He said: ‘He is nothing to the world and finally (life after death). I used to read Namaz and pray, but found that I was ‘relaxed’ and lacked responsibility before God. So now I am completely surrendering to Allah. The consolation I was seeking was in front of me, in my book (our holy Quran book).

The actor further wrote: ‘I am grateful to Allah Almighty for giving me the opportunity to repent and wholeheartedly accept myself because I am witnessing miracles in my life. I breathed a lot of peace and relief as I read my holy book Quran from memory. ‘Saqib Khan has also stated that he is not an opportunist. He wrote in the post: “It is not at all that the cat walked to Hajj after 100 rats, but not everyone accepts Hajj.”

Apart from this, Saqib Khan has written many of his posts and more. Your post is getting more and more viral. Many fans of the actor and all users of social networks are giving their comments on his publication. Let me tell you that in October of last year, Bollywood actress Sana Khan also decided to leave the acting world by writing a long post on social media. This decision by Sana Khan made many headlines.

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