Latest Bollywood Pictures: Shah Rukh Khan’s Office Is As Luxurious As ‘Mannat’, Gauri Taken Care Of These Things While Designing

Latest Bollywood Pictures: Shah Rukh Khan's Office Is As Luxurious As 'Mannat', Gauri Taken Care Of These Things While Designing

Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat House is one of the luxurious houses in Mumbai. Images inside the Mannat have also been revealed many times. Not only Shah Rukh’s home, but also his office is equally magnificent. Its interior is in charge of Gauri Khan. So, let’s show the photos of the office.

Shahrukh Khan’s production house, Red Chillies Entertainment, is now cooler and with a larger living room than before. Gauri has posted several photos on his Instagram. He also said it took him eight months to prepare. Shahrukh has always wanted to give the office a new look. Gauri was busy with this work from the moment of the confinement.

On Instagram, Gauri wrote that designing Shah Rukh Red Chillies’ office throughout the confinement was a great experience. Along with this, Gauri said that he has used black, white and gray colors and has kept a minimalist theme (accessories at least) that makes the office appear larger.

Gauri writes that “a home away from home, a comfortable place for creativity. It was quite a challenge for me to design a great outdoor space in the office. Due to the lockdown, Gauri did much of the design work through virtual meetings.

Speaking to a magazine, Gauri said that ‘at some point, Shah Rukh Khan wanted the office to look more creative, just because there are some desks and tables here. Hundreds of people come here every day, so it was quite difficult to stop them. Last year, the confinement changed everything. It was the right time to break the ground and rebuild it. ‘

Image credit of @ Shahrukh Khan’s office photos – Photo: instagram / vox.india.interior

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