Bollywood gossip: Tabu’s sister had beaten Chunky Pandey on set, she had threatened Anil Kapoor!

Bollywood gossip: Tabu's sister had beaten Chunky Pandey on set, she had threatened Anil Kapoor!

Actress Tabu’s sister, Farah Naaz, is far from Bollywood, but there was a time when people used to be crazy about her acting.

Famous’ 90s actress Farah Naaz is now removed from the movies, but that was also a time when her stardom skyrocketed. He has given many successful films in the 80s … However, his life was surrounded by many controversies. From hitting the co-actor to threatening, there were many such cases, which were in the news at the time. Not only this, but Farah Naaz was also said to be quite irascible and aggressive, it was hard to tell when she would get angry.

In 2017, Rishi Kapoor posted a tweet about professionalism. He shared Farah’s photo and wrote that if Farah had kept her anger in check, her place in Bollywood would have been much greater. Rishi Kapoor and Farah Naaz have worked together on many films. Farah last appeared in the movie Shikhar (2005).

Farah Naz was hit by Chunky Pandey

In 1989, Farah Naaz was shooting the movie ‘Kasam Vardi Ki’. She had beaten Chunky Pandey on the set of this movie. The incident had made many headlines in B-town. It is said that Chunky always used to make lewd gestures saying ‘I am the man’, he did not like Farah and one day he hit him. After this incident, there was a lot of enmity between the two. According to media reports, Farah was interviewed in a magazine in which she even threatened to kill Chunky Pandey. After her interview, the actress had many contrasts.

Farah Naz threatened Anil Kapoor for the movie!

Tabu’s sister, Farah Naz, has worked with many successful actors in the 80s. This list includes Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol, Anil Kapoor, and Rishi Kapoor, etc. According to media reports, Anil Kapoor wanted to cast Madhuri Dixit instead of Farah Naaz for the film Rakhwala. Furious at this, Farah threatened Anil Kapoor. Aside from Anil Kapoor, he did not spare Madhuri Dixit and called him. After which Madhuri Dixit herself did not stop making this film.

Farah Naz was in love with Dara Singh’s son

Aside from professional life, his personal life has also been in the headlines. In 1996, Farah married Dara Singh’s son Vindu Dara Singh, but in 2002 they separated. Farah married actor Sumit Sehgal after parting ways with Vindu Dara Singh. There is also a son of Vindu Dara Singh and Farah Naz, named Fateh Randhawa.

Recently, in an interview with Times of India, Vindu Dara Singh explained why he divorced Farah Naz. According to Vindu Dara Singh, who was a Bigg Boss winner, “There were many reasons behind the divorce.” Because things had gone bad since the marriage. He said that we are both in contact because we have a son, whom we always support. Farah Naaz now lives in Mumbai with her second husband Sumit Sehgal and their son Fateh Randhawa. According to media reports, her son Fateh Randhawa will soon be launching in Bollywood.

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