Ravi Dubey deleted his Instagram account and said: ‘I want time for myself and my family

Ravi Dubey deleted his Instagram account and said: 'I want time for myself and my family

TV actor Ravi Dubey seems very busy these days. Ravi, who has given many successful TV shows throughout his career, has deleted his Instagram account due to the hustle and bustle. Ravi has given this information to his fans through a post and has also given the reason.

Actually, Ravi is very busy these days because of his Jamai 2.0 web series. He is also helping him in the production of his wife Sargun Mehta’s television show ‘Udariyaan’. Apart from this, Ravi revealed that he has started another great project these days. Yes, Ravi will soon be seen in a ‘Matsyakand’ web series, for which he is currently filming in Rajasthan. For all these reasons, Ravi can’t make time for himself and his family and has decided to distance himself from social media for a few days.

Since the teaser for Ravi’s new series ‘Jamai 2.0’ appeared, Ravi Dubey has dominated social media. Few people know that the script for the ‘Jamai 2.0’ series is written by Ravi Dubey and not only that the voice heard in this title track is also Ravi Dubey’s. During the trailer launch, Ravi says that with the ‘Jamai 2.0’ web series we are starting a new chapter. It is about the escape between romance and revenge. Every relationship will be tested on this and revenge will be based on this final test. I hope that the public will join us on this roller coaster and one thing will make us shower the same love. “

Significantly, everyone’s opinion in Mumbai about Ravi Dubey seems positive. He is also sociable and never throws tantrums when talking to people or taking pictures with them, which is why he has a huge following.

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