Kangana Ranaut pointed to Shiv Sena without naming him, said: “Those who insult women …”

Kangana Ranaut pointed to Shiv Sena without naming him, said: "Those who insult women ..."

Kangana Ranaut’s birthday was very special this year. One day before her birthday, she declared the National Film Award, Best Actress for her films Manikarnika and Panga. Along with this, the trailer for his movie Thalayvi was released on March 23, his birthday. This time, Kangana again answered all the questions flawlessly.

On September 9, 2020, BMC broke into Kangana Ranaut’s office in Mumbai, claiming that some parts were illegal. Kangana and the Maharashtra government have witnessed numerous incidents on various occasions. Kangana became angry with the Shiv Sena government after the office was demolished. During the trailer release, when the actress was asked a question about it, she couldn’t help but speak.

Kangana didn’t take anyone’s name here, but everyone knew who her address was. In the video that is going viral, Kangana says that ‘there was a lot going on in my life, but I really believe it, you see it in our story. Whoever insults a woman has his ruin. History is witness. Ravana insulted Sita. The Kauravas insulted Draupadi. I’m not even close to those goddesses but I am a woman. ‘

I am speaking for myself. I have not hurt anyone. As a woman, I just protected my integrity. Then they insulted me. I believe a lot that every time you insult a woman, your downfall is certain. ‘

Kangana got emotional talking about her acting journey at the press conference. He said that ‘I have never met anyone in my life who has not made me feel ashamed of my abilities. I’ve never been that excited, but I’d like to say that she (Director Vijay) is someone who made me feel good about my talent. ‘

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