Veteran actress Sharmila Tagore receives crown vaccine, Saif Ali Khan’s sister shared a picture

Veteran actress Sharmila Tagore receives crown vaccine, Saif Ali Khan's sister shared a picture

The coronavirus is spreading its wings across the country. Some states have planned to accelerate vaccination to combat the epidemic. Many Bollywood stars have taken the Kovid 19 vaccine so far. Veteran actress Sharmila Tagore also received the Corona vaccine on Saturday.

Sharmila Tagore’s daughter Saba Pataudi shared a photo of the mother in her Insta story in which she is seen vaccinated. Saif Ali Khan’s sister wrote with him: ‘Bravo Bravo’. In the picture, Sharmila smiles and shows the victory sign while looking at the camera.

Saba thanked Gurgaon Hospital for sharing her mother’s photo. Vaccination work is progressing rapidly in the country. Among Bollywood stars, Dharmendra, Rakesh Roshan, his wife Pinky Roshan, Nagarjuna Akkineni, Kamal Haasan and others have taken the Corona vaccine.

Saif Ali Khan has recently dosed the Corona vaccine. Saif Ali Khan did not give any information about this, but he was seen outside a corona vaccination center. An image of the actor leaving the Corona Center was also very viral. However, shortly after receiving the vaccine, he was also fiercely controlled.

Some users of social networks have raised the question that if they are 60 years old and not, how did they get the dose of the vaccine? On the other hand, some people say that if it’s not this VIP treatment, what else is there? Some users raised their voices in defense of Saif, saying that the guidelines issued by the Government of India said that those over 60 and those over 45 suffering from serious diseases will be vaccinated. If Saif is vaccinated in such a situation, it is possible that he suffers from some other disease.

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