Anupam scolds those who do not wear masks, said: the vaccine came does not mean being careless

The risk of corona in India is increasing once again. A large number of new corona patients are being found in many states across the country. Faced with the recurring outbreak of Coronavirus, the government is trying to stop it and a vaccination campaign is being carried out throughout the country. Apart from this, constant calls are made to the population to strictly follow the Crown’s instructions suggested by the government to stop the rate of infection. Also, you may have time to deliver the vaccine to everyone. Now in this case veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher also released a video and asked people to be cautious.

Anupam Kher has shared a video on his social media account on Twitter. In this, Anupam has explained the importance of wearing masks and physical distance during transition. The actor said the crown is still spreading. Therefore, people must be cautious and follow the rules. Other than this, there is no other option to stop the virus.

Anupam Kher further stated that India has performed better than many other countries in terms of corona prevention. But once again, Corona is dominating us. Many people are falling in love. People don’t take it seriously and go without a mask. Nobody deals with social distancing.

During this time, the actor has appealed to people and fans through video to follow all protocols and instructions. Wear your mask and wash your hands often. Life is Beautiful. Take care of your friends and yourself. Regarding the vaccine, saying that the vaccine does not mean that we forget about carelessness and begin to be negligent. Of course, the vaccine has arrived, but we must be careful. Anupam Kher has asked people to follow the rule of the crown, wear masks, avoid crowded places, and maintain social distance.

Explain that the corona vaccination campaign is taking place across the country. Along with the people, Bollywood celebrities also participate. Many celebrities have become a part of this vaccination campaign so far. At the same time, fans are also aware of taking the vaccine on social media.

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