Entertainment: Kavita Kaushik exposes troller who abuses Insta, says: ‘Growing up will be a threat to girls’

Entertainment: Kavita Kaushik exposes troller who abuses Insta, says: 'Growing up will be a threat to girls'

Bigg Boss 14 fame Kavita Kaushik is known for her flawless style. Kavita is one of those actresses who is not afraid to face anyone and believes in teaching a lesson up front. As the actress recently did with a social media troller. Kavita has shared a screenshot on her social media account Twitter in which she exposed the troll, who had abused her in a message on Instagram. Although the troll apologized to Kavita after being insolent, the actress exposes the troll without ignoring his actions.

The actress has shared a screenshot on her Twitter, in which a person named Ibad Naseem sent her a message: ‘You are very & * &% ^’. At the same time, other screenshots show the troller’s apology message. The second screenshot says: “Forgive me ma’am, I made a mistake, I am a girl, please forgive me.” My mother and father are very poor people, forgive me. ‘ With the shared screenshot, Kavita wrote in the caption: “Call them and expose them.” After this Kavita post, a user asked him to say, ‘Kavita ji school boy feels forgiven.’ In response to this, Kavita told the user: “Today I let her go, tomorrow I will abuse a little girl, the day after I will grow up to be a danger to the girls around me. If I am not afraid today, tomorrow I will do a lot of action. .

We tell you that Kavita Kaushik is a well-known actress on the small screen. He recently appeared on Bigg Boss 14. Except for his Nikki Tamboli, almost everyone was sexually abused by family members. But his biggest fight was with Ejaz Khan and Rubina Dilack, after which he was also trolled on social media. Kavita’s journey in Bigg Boss 14 didn’t last long. He had an exit from the show after a fight with Rubina Dilac.

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