Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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    Besides Dharmendra, these 3 actors were also madly in love with Hema Malini! Click here to find out


    As Hema and Dharmendra were having an affair, Jitendra was also impressed with them, so Hema got into a dilemma over who to marry Jitendra or Dharmendra. Jitendra was in a rush to marry Hema and almost completed the wedding preparations, but after Dharmendra’s call, Hema changed her mind.

    Sanjeev kumar

    Actor Sanjeev Kumar was so moved by the beauty of Dream Girl that he wanted to marry actress Hema Malini, but his wish could not be fulfilled. Hema’s mother had already rejected this relationship, so Sanjeev Kumar sent Jitendra with his proposal to Hema. But Hema rejects them, leaving her heartbroken.


    Apart from these two actors, Rajkumar was also fascinated by Hema’s beauty and wanted to get married, but Hema Malini also denied it.

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