Tandava: Aparna Purohit’s application for early bail rejected, may be arrested

Tandava: Aparna Purohit's application for early bail rejected, may be arrested

The head of Amazon Prime in India, Aparna Purohit of the Allahabad High Court, has suffered a major setback. The request for advance bail from Amazon Prime’s director in India, Aparna Purohit, in the transmission case has been rejected. After the request for early bail is rejected, Aparna Purohit’s problems can escalate and the police can arrest him. Ten cases have been filed against Aparna and others related to the broadcast and production of the series. By rejecting the request for advance bail, the court noted that the freedom of expression of the individual cannot violate the fundamental rights of religious freedom of the majority. The High Court has greatly resented the content of Tandava’s web series. The court said insulting Hindu deities in the name of expression cannot be tolerated. The court has said that the purpose of the framers of the constitution was to respect all religions. In fact, after the completion of the hearing on the request for early bail filed by Aparna Purohit, the High Court had reserved the decision on February 4. A single bench of Judge Siddharth has ruled the application of advance bail while rendering the verdict.

The court, in its ruling, has cited the Supreme Court’s decisions that it must respect the feelings of others. The court quoted filmmakers from Western countries as saying that they do not make films about Jesus and Muhammad, but that Hindi films are made with Hindu deities. The court said that petitioner for Jamia Millia Islamia, a 15-year associate with the film industry and a journalism course, has also included objectionable slogans from JNU Delhi students on the web series, describing Indians as intolerant.

Previously, the court had stayed the arrest of Aparna Purohit until the sentence was reserved. It is worth mentioning that an FIR was filed against the Gautam Buddha Nagar district, including Aparna Purohit, claiming that he was meddling with the feelings of Hindu deities and Hindus through the Tandava web series broadcast. An FIR was filed against Aparna Purohit et al under sections 153-A (1) (B), 295-A, 505 (1) (B), 505 (2). Let me tell you that Allahabad High Court Single Court Judge Dinesh Kumar Singh had instructed Aparna Purohit in the case to contact Hazratganj Kotwali and record the statement. After this, he contacted Lucknow to record his statement.

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