Entertainment : Salman khan said to the dance crazy contestant- “If I had been married at the right age, I would have been my grandkids of your age”

The Grand Finale episode of Bigg Boss was as much fun as ever. During this time, when the six-year-old contestant came to promote the dance fan in the show, the child claimed that Salman was married, Salman Khan replied that if he was married at the right age, he would have been his grandkids of his age.When the dance crazy contestant Sohail came on stage, Salman asked his name and the child replied, “I am like your younger brother Sohail Khan.”

Salman Khan replied that “if I got married at the right time, I would have been my grandkids of your age!” Salman’s marriage has been a topic of discussion for the national media for a long time. While he avoided questions altogether, he had been making fun of it for years.

He also once said that he can think about marriage once all the pending cases against him in courts are resolved. Although he was acquitted in the 2002 hit and run case, the interrogation of the 1998 Arm Act case in Jodhpur court is still going on. Rubina Dilac has become the winner of the show on the Bigg Boss show while Rahul Vaidya was the first runner-up.

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