Why Did China Charge US Citizen Shaheed Abdulmateen With A Death Sentence?

China on Thursday, 23rd April 2022 charged US citizen Shaheed Abdulmateen with a Death Sentence.

Let us know why?

Synopsis Of The Case

A Chinese court convicted Shadeed Abdulmateen, a US citizen, to death on Thursday for allegedly killing his lover. He agreed to meet with his lover after their breakup and killed her with a pocket knife.

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Who Is Abdulmateen? 

Shaheed Abdulmateen is an American citizen who taught at the Ningbo University of Technology. He was guilty of killing the 21-year-old after she wanted to end their relationship.

Why Has The Chinese Court Charged Him With Death Sentence?


A Chinese court sentenced him to death on Thursday for allegedly murdering his former girlfriend, according to sources.

Abdul-Mateen was in a relationship with a Chinese woman Chen in 2019. He had told her that he is a divorcee which was a false pretext. Chen came to know about the truth in 2021. She broke up with Shaheed Abdulmateen.

Yet he did not accept the breakup gracefully.

As per the Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court, “Shaheed Abdulmateen had decided to meet and speak to Chen at a bus stop in Ningbo in Zhejiang province. His plan involved stabbing her with a “folding knife.”

He repeatedly stabbed her in her face and on her neck. Even after she passed away he continued to stab her.

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The Trial And The Conclusion

As per the reports of the court, government officials and members of the public were present in the courtroom. The court decided that this was an intentional murder after reviewing the facts and a chain of events. As per the trail of the courtroom, it was a calculated homicide by Shaheed Abdulmateen. This planned murder led to Chen’s death in unfortunate circumstances.

As per the reports of the court, Shaheed Abdulmateen was granted his right to a defense. The trial included the presence of an interpreter and consular visits.

The spokesperson for the US Embassy in Beijing says, “The embassy was aware of a court judgment involving a US national in China. The officials were thinking to ponder over the case”.

The officials did not comment on the case. They had to comply with security protocols.

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China And Its Fascination With Execution

map of china

As per Amnesty International, China is the world’s leading executioner, putting thousands to death per year. China hides the number of people executed in the country.

Over the past ten years, people from Uganda, South Korea, Japan, and Kenya have all been charged with death for drug-related crimes. China had charged 120 citizens of the Nigerian Senate with a death sentence in 2016. In 2019, China sentenced a Canadian citizen to death on drug trafficking charges, sending shockwaves around the world.

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