Who Is Dexter Killer Mark Twitchell?

Mark Twitchell is a Canadian filmmaker turned murderer. He is known as Dexter Killer for his obsession with Dexter’s TV show.

Who Is Mark Twitchell?

Mark Twitchell was born on July 4, 1979, in Edmonton, Alberta. He was a filmmaker who was charged with the murder of John Brian Altinger in April 2011. The murder attracted a lot of media attention.

Mark Twitchell completed the Radio and Television Arts degree at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. His murder was inspired by Dexter Morgan a fictional character.

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What Did Mark Twitchell Do?


Mark Twitchell, was a budding filmmaker at the time. He pretended to be a film director to plot a perfect murder, inspired by his screen hero Dexter Morgan. Johnny Altinger, is a 38-year-old tech lover from Edmonton, Canada. He was not the first victim of the Dexter Killer. Though he made headlines for John’s murder.

Mark Twitchell posed to be a woman on the dating site Plenty of Fish in 2008. He invited men to his remote rented garage. He plotted to kill them there. He invited Gilles Tetreault to his garage. He pretended as a woman named “Sheena”. He tried to capture Giles wearing a hockey mask. Tetreault tried to flee his captivator. He learned that Mark’s gun was made of plastic. He did not file a complaint out of embarrassment.

On October 10, he planned a date for John Altinger. Altinger went to Twitchell’s garage, his ‘death room,’ expecting he would be meeting a woman.

Twitchell stabbed and suffocated John. He burnt some of his body parts after cutting him. He then dumped the rest in a storm drain. Altinger’s friends and family got an email. The email had a  message that he and his date were planning to travel to Costa Rica.

Concerned for John’s well-being, his friends broke into his apartment. They contacted the police when they couldn’t detect any proof that John went on holiday.

Twitchell made a story that John sold his Mazda for 40 Canadian dollars to him. It was not believed by the police. Though the fact that he was was not an initial suspect. John’s blood was recovered in the trunk of his car.

The cops recovered a document titled “SK Confessions” from Twitchell’s PC. It included all of the evidence of Johnny’s murder. It also included information about a victim that ran away. Twitchell claimed the paper was a storyline to the police.

Twitchell was arrested when plenty of proof was revealed against him.

On October 31, 2008, Mark was imprisoned.

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What Happened After Mark Twitchell Was Arrested?

Twitchell alleged that he murdered Johnny in self-defense. He later attempted to dump the body due to his worry.

Mark was held liable for first-degree murder in April 2011. He was charged with life imprisonment with the chance of parole after 25 years. He’s now in the Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary. Where regularly sees Dexter there.  He was the subject of a book by Steve Lillebuen.

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What Is The Buzz About It Now?

On April 23, 2022, CBS News aired “48 Hours: The Dexter Killer“. The episode told the story of one of history’s weirdest copycat killers. Following the murder of Johnny Altinger, the show focuses on the investigations that led to the arrest of serial killer Mark Twitchell. He physically blurred the lines between film and reality.

For his techniques of imitating Dexter Morgan, the major character in the Showtime drama, he was called the Dexter Killer (played by Michael C. Hall).

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