What Is The Mystery Around Death Of Bahamas Resort?

Three American visitors were discovered dead at a Bahamas resort on Friday, prompting an inquiry, officials said.

Sandals stated that the visitors were vacationing at the Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma.

Bahamas resort staff contacted the George Town Police Station shortly after 9 a.m. Friday that a man was found unresponsive in a villa, and while en route it was reported that another man and woman were found unresponsive in another villa, police said.

Police found the man in the first villa lying on the ground with no signs of trauma, authorities said. In the second villa, the man was found “slumped against a wall in a bathroom” and the woman was found on a bed, the Royal Bahamas Police Force said in a statement.

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“Both individuals showed signs of convulsion,” police said. No signs of trauma were found on either body.

Dr. Michael Darville, the Bahamas Minister of Health and Wellness, told ABC News that some hotel employees with vomiting went to a clinic on Thursday, were cured, and then left. Three of the victims were later discovered dead, while the fourth, a lady, was transported to a New Providence hospital and is in a normal position, he added.

The identification of the deceased was confirmed by police on Friday. The deaths of three Americans in the Bahamas were verified by the US State Department on Sunday.

A Department of State official told ABC News, “We are closely monitoring local authorities’ inquiry into the cause of the death.” “We are prepared to provide all necessary consular support.” We have nothing more to say at this time out of respect for the families’ confidentiality.” Vincent Chiarella, of Birmingham, Alabama, was among the victims, according to his son, Austin Chiarella. Vincent Chiarella, who was in his mid-60s, was spending his anniversary in the Bahamas with his wife, Donnis Chiarella, as their son.

Austin Chiarella claimed Donnis Chiarella, who is also in her 60s, was the fourth victim to survive. He said she will be transported to Kendall Regional Medical Center in Florida and should arrive late Saturday afternoon.

Austin Chiarella said he got the news from the US Embassy late Friday night and spoke with his mom early Saturday morning.

“She awoke to see my father laying on the ground, unable to move,” he explained. “Her legs and limbs were swelled, she could not really walk, and she shouted for help.”

Donnis Chiarella told her son that she had become ill on Thursday but that she “felt she was fine” after being discharged from the clinic.

“Right now, I’m just really upset,” Austin Chiarella said. “To me, my father was all.”

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According to Darville, who described the incident as an “isolated event,” environmental health specialists, doctors, and others are examining to verify there was no public health risk.” There is no possible risk to residents on Exuma, including residents at the Bahamas resort or any other resort on the island,” he said.

The reason for death is unknown, according to Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper, but no evidence of abuse is anticipated.

“We are proactively helping to help both the inquiry and the guests’ families in every possible way,” Sandals added.

“A health issue was originally reported,” the company stated in a statement. “Following our standards, we quickly contacted emergency medical specialists and appropriate local officials.” “We are unable to provide any additional information at the moment due to our visitors’ privacy.”

Cause Of Death Revealed

According to a new investigation released Monday, carbon monoxide poisoning was the cause of the death of three Americans discovered dead at a Sandals resort in the Bahamas.

As per the Nassau Guardian, autopsy and toxicological results have been completed following the killing of Tennessee pair Michael Phillips, 68, and Robbie Phillips, 65, and Florida resident Vincent Chiarella, 64.

Carbon monoxide poisoning was the cause of death, according to the forensic pathologist. There was no further information available.

On May 6, three Americans died in unknown circumstances while staying in separate villas at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort on the island of Exuma.

The victims were discovered lifeless in their rooms after seeking medical care the night before for feeling ill.

Donnis, Chiarella’s wife, was momentarily hospitalized but has since recovered.

There has been continued discussion on what may have triggered the deaths, including a probe into the meals available. A strong odor of pesticides was also reported by several visitors. Possible breaches from the property’s air conditioning and water heater are also being investigated. In an appearance with Eyewitness News last week, the country’s Minister of Health and Wellness claimed that the parents of the murdered tourists sought a second, independent autopsy in addition to the one performed by a Bahamian pathologist.

“At the Sandals resort, there are still some inquiries underway.” Dr. Michael Darville told Eyewitness News that “we also have physicians in-country who have done their work and samples were transferred to a very reputable lab in the United States.”

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