What Happened In Paterson Collision Accident?

What Happened In Paterson Collision Accident: Authorities have learned that a Florida ex-con with a long criminal record was behind the wheel of an SUV that killed one pedestrian and injured several others in a tragic collision in downtown Paterson.

On Tuesday afternoon, Anna Follmer, 49, was standing outside of the 7-Eleven at the junction of Main and Market streets when she noticed a vehicle accelerate into the crossing.

“It sounded like a bomb went off two seconds later,” Follmer added.

She witnessed an accident in the city’s downtown that killed one person and injured six others. According to authorities, the accident occurred when a driver fled a burglary scene.

“A silver automobile failed to stop at a red light. Follmer remarked, “It had to be going at least 70 miles per hour.” “It was heading toward City Hall when it struck head-on with a black automobile.”

Follmer was accompanied by a 52-year-old woman who only revealed her first name, Rhonda when the accident occurred.

Rhonda stated she discovered there were people in the car that had been hit after regaining her composure following the initial shock.

Rhonda stated, “I went over to see if I could help.” “I was the first to arrive.” There was a woman in the driving seat, and a young girl, maybe ten years old, sat beside her.”

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Rhonda stated that she grabbed the lady’s hand and instructed her to remain still. “I operate in the health area,” the 52-year-old explained, “so I understood to tell both the lady and the girl not to stir.” “The lady seemed to be in and out of awareness.” I believe she only comprehended part of what I said. Although the girl was not wounded, she was terrified. I advised her to remain calm and everything would be fine.”


Rhonda claimed she kept holding the lady’s hand until EMS arrived.

Abdullah Yahxa, works at the 5-Star Convenience Store & Smoke Shop, which is only across the corner from the accident site.

He described the sounds as “boom, boom, boom.” “We all hurried over to see what occurred since there were three customers in the store.”

“I walked to the junction and saw the cars smash, one man under one car, and then another person laying on the floor next to him,” Yahxa continued. “A lot of blood was spilled.”

“It was a disaster. “I couldn’t stop crying,” Yahxa explained. “I haven’t shed a tear since my father passed away.” I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night after watching that.”

The owner of the business stated the incident was so upsetting that he immediately shuttered the store for the day.

The prosecutor’s office in Passaic County has yet to identify the crash victim or reveal any charges.

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According to witnesses, the man who drove the automobile through the crossing immediately exited the vehicle and sprinted one block up Market Street, turning right toward Center City Mall. “Every cop car in Paterson appeared to be here about two or three minutes later,” Follmer added. “Some of them got out of their automobiles and began to run in the direction of the fleeing man.

When a police officer responding to a report of an alleged break-in discovered Harold Rasbin, 31, he even had grand theft charges on his records, as well as a string of charges for robbery, assaulting a police officer, and violence dating back to when he was 15, authorities said.

As the police attempted to jump an Ellison Street yard gate that gave way, Rasbin took off on foot, jumped into a Honda that had been left running on Oliver Street, and drove off into the Silk City’s core. He ended up in the hospital.

As per Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes and Paterson Police Chief Ibrahim Baycora, the SUV slammed a halted Paterson patrol car that was “drawn over on the roadside” at the junction of Main and Market streets, then slammed another car, and then spun inside the throngs of pedestrians.

It was a terrifying sight that many people probably wish they hadn’t seen: The man’s body on his back, arms spread, was found among the wreckage, his upper body seemingly smashed by the Honda’s front wheel.

There were many who waited in dead stillness among the masses of observers on all sides, while others shrieked in horror. Many people used their cell phones to film the mayhem.


The deceased victim was not identified by authorities. They said five others were rushed to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center adjacent with varying injuries.

Rasbin escaped but was apprehended immediately, according to two men Valdes and Baycora.

A total of four ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

The fatal collision unit of the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office was called in, as were forensic experts from the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office. State police from New Jersey were on the scene. The area was roped off for the time being.

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