Trump’s Truth Social: What Do You Know About It?

When Elon Musk agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion this week. Simultaneously, another social networking application, Truth Social rocketed to the top of Apple’s App Store. It is the flagship app of former President Donald J. Trump‘s budding social media company.

What Is Truth Social App?

Truth Social has already marketed itself as a rival to Twitter and Facebook which notably suspended Mr. Trump from their platforms following the riot at the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The app markets itself as an unfiltered site that does not penalize users regarding political views. Similar applications like Rumble and Parler, offer a hands-off policy to regulation in the hopes of freeing people to converse freely without confining them.

As per Trump, he won’t return to Twitter but instead will use Truth Social. Trump had 89 million Twitter followers and 34 million Facebook followers. He has 1.7 million followers on Truth Social.

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Why Are People Excited About Truth Social?

The surge in popularity of Truth Social increased after its launching in February. It was fueled by a new software update that enabled a rush of new users to sign up. Meanwhile, there is a growing mystery around Twitter.

Some Twitter users deleted their accounts this week after learning that Elon Musk was buying the platform. Because they couldn’t speculate about how he would modify it.

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What Were Some Early Problems With Truth Social?

Truth Social had a troubled start. Yet topped Apple’s free app charts during its first week of launch in February. Its demand declined before it reappeared on Apple’s app store, where it outperformed Twitter and TikTok, a short-form video service.

When trying to make an account, some users who downloaded the app received error warnings, while others were placed on a long waiting.

Truth Social is still having issues two months after its debut. Despite Truth Social’s aim of making the platform function properly, people are still waiting to get onto the app. Also, managers Josh Adams and Billy Boozer, who supervised technology and product development at Truth Social, left the firm in April.

The application may have provided Trump with a new social media platform after he was barred from Twitter and Facebook. Even so, Truth Social’s membership is considerably less than that of long-established networks like Facebook and Twitter.

How Is The Working Of Trump Social?

Trump Social

It has a similar design to that of Twitter. Users can make a profile that indicates who they’re following. Posts, which are called Truths. It can be commented on, shared, and liked. You may read posts from other followers in the app’s feed. Pictures, news stories, and videos can also be shared by users. Direct messaging, a dark mode, and notifications are all included.

A significant portion of the application was unusable. Attempting to execute a keyword search for a Truth proved ineffective. When the words “vaccine” and “Covid” were searched, the message “No matching Truths” appeared.

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Is Everything Allowed On Trump Social?

Trump Social

No. When users accept the app’s terms of service, they comply with the regulations, just like they do with other social networks.

Restricted activities are one part that details what users agree not to do. Trying to trick, deceiving, or misleading the company or other users, “, particularly in any attempt to learn sensitive account information such as user passwords,” as well as making “false claims of misuse or misbehavior,” are instances.

You can’t impersonate any users using any data you get from the application to “harass, abuse, or harm another person,” either. Truth Social’s standards are harsher than Twitter’s in some circumstances. Twitter enables users to publish pornography if it is categorized as sensitive, while sexual content or language is not permitted on Truth Social.

As per Truth Social’s terms of service, user-generated content could be false, misleading, or deceptive, nor may it contain violent threats. Similar rules apply to apps like Facebook and Twitter, although users have expressed dissatisfaction with how the company understood its guidelines.

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