Trump Interview With Piers Morgan Frequently Generating Headlines!

Trump Interview With Piers Morgan: Former President Donald Trump seemed to storm out of an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan after being asked about his loss in the 2020 election.

Morgan’s 7.9 million Twitter followers were treated to an edited 30-second preview of the interview, which will air next Monday. It quickly became a social media sensation (the video has been seen over 3 million times) and sparked a flurry of reports about the incident.
Except, well, it might not have happened exactly that way.

Yes, Trump and Morgan had a spat over the 2020 election, with Trump labeling Piers Morgan a “stupid” if he thought the vote was free and fair. (It’s worth mentioning that there’s no evidence that significant electoral fraud occurred in the last presidential election.)

Trump, on the other hand, did not end the interview there. Morgan and Trump laughed and praised one other at the end of the interview, according to an audiotape given by Trump’s communications director, as first reported by NBC. It appeared to be friendly and cordial.

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It’s difficult to put into words how much of a favor Morgan did for Trump with the edited clip.

Remember that maybe Trump’s most constant line of argument over the years has been that the news is a) false and b) out to get him (and his supporters).

Of course, that is a preposterous claim. However, every now and then, a member of the media — and I’m stretching the term of “member of the media” to include Morgan — says something egregiously foolish that provides Trump with just the ammunition he needs to keep claiming that the media is out to get him.

Trump Interview With Piers Morgan

In a statement released on Wednesday night, he did just that.
“It just illustrates, however, what I have to deal with in the Fake News Media,” Trump said, adding, “Piers Morgan, like the rest of the Fake News Media, attempted to unlawfully and falsely edit his long and tedious interview with me.”

He went to great lengths to fraudulently edit an interview, but he was exposed. Isn’t that a significant story?”
Morgan responded to Trump’s assertion on Twitter on Thursday morning, calling it “fake news.”

Also, keep in mind that Trump thrives on controversy and excitement. The idea is to always be relevant, to participate in the conversation. And, preferably, to have a grievance that allows him to represent himself as a victim of some big plot.
In a 30-second edited video clip, Morgan provides Trump with all of those things.

Trump Shares Audio That Attempts To Counter Claims

Trump Interview With Piers Morgan

Trump shares audio that attempts to counter claims that he walked out of an interview due to inquiries about 2020.

According to audio released by the former president’s communications director, stories that Trump stormed off in response to inquiries about his election claims were false.

Former President Donald Trump’s highly publicized interview with Piers Morgan did not appear to end with Trump storming off the set, as edited promotional film clips suggest, according to an audio recording obtained by NBC News.

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Instead, the two men praised one other and laughed at the end of the interview for Talk TV, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, according to the recording released by Trump’s spokesperson.

The interview — touted as “the most explosive interview of the year” — was teased in a video synopsis that is exaggerated with cinematic music and depicts Trump as being outraged with the topic of questions Morgan asked. The New York Post, which is also owned by News Corp, published an article on the video and the claimed walkout.

“Turn the camera off,” Trump says as he looks to rise from his chair at the end of the videotape. “Absolutely dishonest.”

However, the audio of the interview’s conclusion appears to portray a different story. According to the recording, the two men laughed and thanked each other. There are no signs that Trump is threatening to leave the set.

Morgan remarks at the end of the tape, “That was a terrific interview.”

With a “yes,” Trump agrees.

“I appreciate it very much. “It means a lot to me,” Morgan says.

“Turn the camera off,” Trump adds at that point. According to his communications director, Taylor Budowich, who provided the tape to NBC News, the former president had already risen from his chair at that point.

“Piers got caught red-handed,” Trump claimed Thursday in a statement, “and the interview that I actually liked doing is now in shambles.”

Budowich claimed that the show’s producers spliced the sound of Trump shouting “turn the camera off” into the video to make it appear as if he said it while rising in rage.

Trump Interview With Piers Morgan

According to Trump, he said “extremely deceitful” after an angry Budowich chastised Morgan for dragging out the interview and falsely and again claiming he had one final question, only to ask more.

According to Budowich, Trump expected the interview to last 20 minutes, but it lasted more than an hour. Budowich called for the last question at the conclusion, but the audio shows Morgan asking many more, including one about “Celebrity Apprentice.”

“Is that your final question? You’ve already asked ‘the last question’ four times “Morgan was informed by Budowich. “At this point, I believe you’re lying.”

Morgan stated, “I’m not lying.”

“Very dishonest,” Trump added.

Morgan then proceeded to ask more questions.

Trump’s team claimed the video was skewed to make it appear as if Trump yelled “turn the camera off” as he rose from his chair in rage. The comment was made after the duo exchanged pleasantries at the end of the conversation, according to audio released by Trump’s team to US media outlets, and was then manipulated for dramatic effect.

“This is a pitiful attempt to use President Trump as a method to resuscitate the career of a failed television show,” Trump’s spokesperson, Taylor Budowich, said.

Trump and Morgan’s mutually reliant relationship has resulted in several interviews over the years, frequently generating headlines that kept both in the public glare.

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Morgan‘s upcoming national show is based on the idea that the host will be a brave individual who will say things that are currently difficult to express on public television.

Piers Morgan Uncensored, which will pay its presenter tens of millions of pounds over the duration of his contract, has featured him complaining about “cancel culture” and comparing “woke” policies to fascism in promotional interviews. Morgan’s personal marketing strategy comprises creating battles with liberal or leftwing critics on Twitter in the hopes of eliciting a response.

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