The Glades Season 5 : When Will the Glades Return for Its Fifth Season?

Clifton Campbell is the author of the American crime drama television series The Glades, which ran on the A&E network for four seasons from July 11, 2010, to August 26, 2013.

In the police procedural program, Matt Passmore played Jim Longworth, a Chicago police investigator who relocates to a Florida Everglades village to work as a state police detective. After getting shot in the buttocks by his captain, who believed Jim was having a relationship with his wife, he departs the Chicago Police Department.

He moves to Florida for golf and, he hopes, an easy life after receiving a sizable settlement from the city of Chicago. Longworth quickly learns, however, that his new hometown is more complicated than first appears.

Glades Season 5: Is It Released or Cancelled?

The release date for The Glades Season 5 is unknown. There have been numerous rumors that the fifth season won’t happen. The creators haven’t yet verified this, though. While they wait for the fifth season to start, the season can learn to appreciate the views of the audience.

The program garnered the most viewers on A&E and maintained a strong rating. The start of Season 4 sparked excitement among the general population. They further encouraged viewers to eagerly await the debut of the upcoming spectacular season.

It will be determined if the story will continue after season 4 or come to an end. The release date is yet unknown. The situation is still up in the air because no formal notification has been sent.

glades season 5

TV Series: The Glades
Genre: Crime drama, Comedy-drama, & Police procedural
Created by:  Clifton Campbell
Composer:  Danny Lux
Place Of Origin: United States
Star cast:  Matt Passmore, Kiele Sanchez, Carlos Gómez, Uriah Shelton & others
Original language: English
The number of seasons:  4
The number of episodes: 49

The Glades Season 5: Who Will Be Seen?

Currently, there are extremely few prospects of renewal, but perhaps in the future, the show’s creators will decide to do so with the original cast. Let’s examine the Glades’ previous starring.

  1. Jordan Wall as Daniel Green
  2. Uriah Shelton as Jeff Cargill
  3. Carlos Gomez
  4. Michelle Hurd
  5. Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth
  6. Corbin Bernsen
  7. Marilu Henner
  8.  Kiele Sanchez as Callie Cargill

The Glades Season 1 to 4: Release Dates and Episodes

  1. 2010, The Glades Season 1 – 13 episodes (June 1st-August 12th)
  2. 2011–12, The Glades Season 2 – 10 episodes (June 16th-November 11th)
  3. 2013, The Glades Season 3 – 10 episodes (June 15th-October 5th)
  4. 2014, The Glades Season 4 – 13 and finale episode (June 3rd-August 26th).

The Glades Season 4 Recap

Jim Longworth plays a significant role in the story. An investigator for murder crimes with the Chicago Police Department. He had falsely been charged with having an affair with his skipper’s wife. He consequently receives a rump shot due to unfounded accusations. Regardless. As a result of the event, he gets a sizable sum of money.

And he makes the decision to lead a peaceful, serene existence. He moves to Florida with the intention of leading a wonderful life while earning a substantial income. However, he soon learns that the peace and quiet of the place are just fleeting, thus things do not go well for him. The plot disappears, and the show turns procedural.

It’s filled with misdeeds, stress, and a sense of urgency. No matter how it ended, the previous season left viewers wanting more. Due to his skills as a criminal investigator, Jim Longworth won the admiration of the observers despite his conceit and recklessness. Without a doubt, he is astute and astute.

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In the police procedural drama The Glades, Matt Passmore portrays Detective Jim Longworth. He is shot in the buttocks by his commander after he is accused of having sex with his wife. After that, he maximizes the funds he is given by the Chicago police department. Also makes a trip to Florida to join the FDLE.

Jim is looking forward to a fresh start in worry-free Florida, as was previously said. Everything, however, proceeds in the opposite manner. He had not anticipated having to deal with the extra hardship of learning that Florida has a high crime rate. Chicago’s work is now more difficult than it was before a result.

glades season5

Plot of the Story

Jim Longworth, a homicide investigator with the Chicago Police Department, is the focus of the narrative. He is wrongly suspected of having an affair with his captain’s wife. As a result, he is falsely accused and shot in the buttocks. He receives a sizable payout for the accident, nevertheless, and chooses to live a peaceful and comfortable life. He relocates to Florida in the hopes of living a fantastic life while earning a substantial salary.

He receives a sizable payout for the accident, nevertheless, and chooses to live a peaceful and comfortable life. He relocates to Florida in the hopes of living a fantastic life while earning a substantial salary.

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However, he quickly realizes the calm of the place is only fleeting, thus things do not turn out as he had hoped. It is a procedural drama with no more plot. It has a thrilling mystery, criminal element, and suspense. But the final episode of the previous season left the audience wanting more. Despite his arrogant demeanor and excessive self-assurance, Jim Longworth managed to capture the audience’s hearts because of his skill as a detective. He really is clever and intelligent.

The Nutshell of the Story and Updates

There won’t be a fifth season for the foreseeable future, according to creator Todd A. Kessler. A complete season of “The Glades” would be a challenging project for the creators to embark on.

Because of the time and effort needed to complete the task, they have never felt comfortable accepting it. It is better to find some related media which incorporates all upcoming movies, television shows, web series, and anime.


  • Where is Glades Filmed?

Pembroke Park, a town in Broward County where Fort Lauderdale is situated, serves as the location for a portion of The Glades. Even though Burn Notice, which is situated in    Miami, is more authentic, The Glades still does a better job of capturing the essence of  South Florida. There is no such thing as real Palm Glades.

  • How Many Episodes Are There of the Glades?

  There are 49 episodes in glades.

At the beginning of season two, Ray was released from prison to become a police informant, but he was soon forced to go into witness protection.

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