Republican Senator Ted Cruz Had An Angry Dinner in Texas!

An activist approached Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz at a Houston Sushi restaurant Friday night, grilling him about his lack of action on gun control legislation and his participation at the NRA convention, only days after a shooter killed 19 students and two teachers at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

“But why does this keep happening?” a guy is heard screaming at Cruz in video recordings of the altercation uploaded on social media as he is led out of the restaurant by Cruz’s detail. And why did you come to the conference in the first place to collect blood money? Why? When 19 children passed away. There were nineteen youngsters that died. It’s all in your hands now. It’s all in your hands now. Ted Cruz, you’ve got a problem on your hands!”

Benjamin Hernandez, a top executive for the liberal advocacy group Indivisible Houston, was eating with his wife at Uptown Sushi on Friday night when Cruz strolled in via the front entrance. Hernandez said, “I feel like it was fate.”

The 39-year-old Houston native, who runs a digital marketing agency, had spent the whole time day live cast an anti-gun violence mass demonstrations outside the National Rifle Association convention, where Cruz was one of the high-profile speaker systems, alongside former President Donald Trump, who did not cancel the event despite the Uvalde shooting tragedy.

Hernandez claimed he and his wife enjoy Uptown Sushi restaurant and opted to dine there that night.

He said, “I look over, and guess who walks through that door.”

According to Hernandez, the eatery is located in a decent neighborhood near a conservative sector.

Indivisible Houston uploaded a complete video interaction, which was filmed by Hernandez’s wife, on Twitter on Saturday. It starts with the activist posing for a photo with Cruz before coming to him and questioning him about why he doesn’t favor stricter gun control legislation.

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“I’m also thinking to myself, ‘How many times are they going to fall for this ruse?’ ‘Do you mind if I snap a picture with you?’ Do you get what I’m saying? At a time like this, what are you going to do? Come on, Hernandez exclaimed.

“Did you know this gunman waited until he was 18?” Hernandez asks Cruz during the altercation. Why is it so difficult to enact stricter gun legislation in the United States?”

“Sir,” says Cruz.

“It’s tougher to stop gun violence as there are more guns,” Hernandez later tells him.

“You mix ignorance and hatred,” the senator responds.

“It’s not ignorance!” exclaims the speaker. Hernandez explains.

Cruz responds, “You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Hernandez also inquires: “What about criminal records checks? Is it really that difficult?”

Hernandez claimed that while the two were arguing, a restaurant employee asked him to sit down, but it was Cruz’s detail and a guy sitting at his table that “pushed him out” of the restaurant.

As to being led out by Cruz’s detail, Hernandez stated the sole of his shoe was torn off “because I was attempting to maintain my ground while they were tugging me back.”
“I had to do what I had to do,” Hernandez claimed, adding that the incident was not planned.

“It’s one thing to tweet, but it’s quite another when Ted Cruz walks into a restaurant where you’re eating.” It’s time to get down to business. “There was no doubt in my mind,” he stated.

Cruz’s staff did not reply to a seeking comment right away.

Hernandez claimed he felt compelled to confront Cruz because “he isn’t doing anything,” and that he was especially offended that Cruz did not cancel his scheduled address at the NRA conference, as other Republican politicians like Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Texas Sen. John Cornyn had done.”Cruz refuses to do even the most basic things,” Hernandez stated. “On top of that, he attends the NRA convention.” That, in my opinion, is impolite. At least Cornyn and Crenshaw pulled out.”

Cruz claimed that “what stops armed bad guys are armed good guys” in a speech to the NRA conference hours before he went out to eat sushi.” This, despite Texas authorities acknowledging earlier that day that Uvalde police had made the “wrong judgment” in delaying facing the shooter for more than an hour, despite kids pleading with 911 to send officers.

Cruz remarked at the conference that “the press blames you, the millions of NRA members, for these crimes.” “That is a complete fabrication. Nobody in this town has ever perpetrated such heinous acts. “Everyone in this place is in a state of shock.”

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Hernandez and Daniel Cohen of Indivisible Houston had placed a cardboard figure of the Texas senator outside of the NRA convention location early in the week. The words “I kill teachers and children” are written in red marker on the breast of Cruz, who is smiling and giving a thumbs-up.
Hernandez stated that confronting Cruz was necessary for the families who have been affected by gun violence.

“And it’s not only Uvalde — it’s El Paso, Santa Fe, Texans,” Hernandez said, referencing other horrific shootings around the country.

“Talking is simple. “It’s simple to tweet,” he explained. “We’ll have to face them at a certain point and ask them the concerns they won’t answer.”

This isn’t the first time Cruz has been involved in a scuffle this week. After being questioned about why gun massacres are so common in America, Texas Senator Ted Cruz called a reporter a “propagandist” on Wednesday.

“How come this is only an American issue?” As the Texas senator went away,  a reporter asked  “How come America is the only place where mass shootings occur?”

“You’re not going to answer that, sir?” Cruz was questioned, “You’re not going to be able to respond to that.”Cruz immediately questioned Stone, asking, “Why do people travel from all over the world to come to America?” Because it is the freest, wealthiest, and safest country on the planet, and cease propagandizing.”

It’s not the first time Cruz has been involved in a scuffle this week. After being questioned about why mass shootings are so common in America, Texas Senator Ted Cruz called a journalist a “propagandist” on Wednesday.

Former Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke challenged Texas Gov. Greg Abbott during a media briefing on Wednesday, telling him, “The moment to stop the next massacre is now, then you’re doing nothing,” according to Hernandez.

Hernandez tweeted on Wednesday, “Confront all hypocrite assholes like [O’Rourke] just did.”

Hernandez, who was born in Mexico, entered the United States illegally at the age of eight months and became a US citizen in his twenties. He stayed away from politics until 2016, when Mexican immigrants were being attacked and ridiculed, he claimed. He unsuccessfully ran for Texas’s 9th Congressional District as an independent in 2018 to obtain a “basic course” in something he’d intentionally shunned.

Gun crime is a distinctively American issue that the American Public Health Association has labeled a public health catastrophe. It is the country’s biggest cause of early death, accounting for more than 38,000 deaths per year. As per the Gun Violence Archive, at least 17,550 people have died as a result of gun crime this year.

As Hernandez is taken out in another view of Friday night’s confrontation, recorded from a different point of view and posted to TikTok, Cruz waves goodbye and returns to his table.

Cruz, according to Hernandez, will not gain anything from such experiences.

“However, I’ll inform you this: If he believes there are safe spaces where people won’t question you, I want you to understand that’s not the reality.” You’ll be confronted anywhere you go if it’s Uptown Sushi, the Galleria, or River Oaks. I believe he knows down deep inside. … “I believe that’s what he’ll remember,” Hernandez predicted. “Unfortunately, I wish he had taken more from it.”

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