Republicans In Florida Want Total Ban On Abortions

If the Supreme Court reverses the historic 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, Florida Republicans are suggesting that they are prepared for a total ban on abortions next year.

What Is Roe v. Wade Ruling?

Roe v. Wade is a landmark case from 1973 that saw the Supreme Court rule on abortion rights. Jane Roe, an unmarried pregnant woman, sued to overturn Texas abortion regulations in favor of herself and another. Roe’s lawsuit was joined by a Texas doctor who claimed that the government’s abortion rules were too ambiguous for doctors to follow. He has been arrested previously for breaking the law. Abortion was prohibited in Texas at the moment if was performed to save the mother’s life. Getting or attempting to procure an abortion was illegal. The Supreme Court decided two crucial factors in Roe v. Wade:

  • The United States Constitution guarantees a woman’s personal privacy, which includes the ability option of choosing whether or not to have an abortion.
  • However, the right to abortion is not unlimited. It must be balanced against the government’s concerns in health and prenatal life protection.

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Republicans In Florida Want Total Ban On Abortions


Future state Senate and House leaders told that they aren’t willing to seek a tight abortion ban right away, but that they might follow the wishes of the GOP-led Legislature, which has already voted to prohibit abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. That prohibition is the most stringent in the nation’s history.

“Then there is always the possibility.” In an appearance, new Florida Senate President Kathleen Passidomo noted, “For now, we have a Republican majority.” “We allow a bill to be considered in committee and then wait for the results.”

Her remarks come as state Rep. Webster Barnaby (R-Deltona), an anti-abortion Republican, declared on Tuesday during an anti-abortion protest at the Capitol in Tallahassee that he planned to submit a “complete” bill that would demand a total ban on abortions in Florida. During this year’s legislature assembly, Barnaby proposed a Texas-style six-week restriction, but it failed to pass.

Barnaby said during an appearance that he believes a law prohibiting all abortions in Florida has the support to pass the House, although he provided few facts on the measure, like whether it would include exceptions for rape victims.

“We have the political will to undertake things that we might not have undertaken nine months ago,” Barnaby remarked. “And I think that now, in the House, we have the will and numbers to enact legislation that would want a total ban on abortion in the beautiful state of Florida.”

The Republican politicians’ comments indicate that the battle in Florida over abortion rights is just getting started. Florida, the country’s third-most populated state, has already passed a law prohibiting abortions after 15 weeks, with no exceptions for rapes, adultery, or human smuggling. However, with the Supreme Court certain to overturn federal abortion limitations, Republican lawmakers look ready to enact new limitations.

The 160-member state Assembly, according to incoming House Speaker Paul Renner, will consider either establishing a total ban on abortions in the state. However, Renner, who has stated that he is “definitively pro-life,” believes that the Supreme Court’s Roe judgment will give the anti-abortion campaign a boost.

“In a representational government, we’re expected to work through and find a landing point,” Renner added. “I serve the same number of people as my colleagues from other areas, and they will have their opinions heard.” That’s the problem with Roe: if you didn’t agree with the outcome, you couldn’t say anything.”

Upon appearing at a local anti-abortion demonstration organized by the Tallahassee-based Florida Voice for the Unborn on Tuesday, Barnaby addressed his plans to introduce a measure of a total ban on abortions completely. The episode’s 50 or so activists also attempted to visit with six Republican politicians who were all at the Capitol for a special legislative session to tackle rising property insurance premiums statewide, although due to continued legislative work, not all were accessible.

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Within a week of meeting with a half-dozen legislators, Voice for the Unborn Founder and Executive Director Andrew Shirvell said his meeting with state Rep. Mike Beltran (R-Lithia) was “utterly fantastic,” but refuses to elaborate even further on any others. Shirvell earlier prompted Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to force the Legislature to endorse an all-out ban on abortions during last week’s special session. Beltran helped run as a conservative who sought to eliminate waste in administration.

“We might outlaw abortion overnight if we had all of our lawmakers like that,” Shirvell remarked. “The Legislature needs more Mike Beltrans.”

Florida’s 15-week abortion ban, which is due to take force on July 1, is already facing court challenges. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, both pro-abortion freedom organizations, have promised to suit over the new law, with the first case anticipated to be launched within the next week. The organizations have stated that they will claim that Florida’s restriction on abortion beyond 15 weeks breaches the state Constitution’s decades-old confidentiality clause, which bars government intrusion into people’s daily lives

Any such case, though, may not be favorably accepted by the conservative Florida Supreme Court.

Renner claims that the state’s privacy provision was not established in the Constitution to safeguard abortion rights, despite the fact that the Florida Supreme Court used it to overturn legislation requiring juveniles to obtain parental consent while seeking abortions over 20 years ago.

“I believe it was meant and passed for privacy and confidentiality rather than abortion,” Renner said.

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