Russian President Vladimir Putin Suffers From Parkinson’s Disease!

Putin Suffers From Parkinson: BLOATED During a meeting with his defense commander, Vladimir Putin was observed holding a table while slouching and tapping his foot repeatedly, fueling speculation that he had Parkinson’s disease.

As he sat opposite Sergei Shoigu giving commands regarding the siege of Mariupol, the elderly despot appeared “feeble and hardly able to hold himself straight.”

Putin’s secret health fight has long been suspected, with speculations ranging from cancer to Parkinson’s disease.

And his most recent appearance was one of the most surprising yet, as he lacked his normal strongman confidence.

Putin appeared disheveled, in discomfort, and confused when he urged Shoigu to “close the Azovstal steel factory so that a fly can’t get in,” where over 1000 heroic Ukrainian defenders and civilians are holed up.


Putin can be seen in the footage with a fat face and slouching heavily into his chair. His foot looks to be tapping incessantly, and his palm is holding the table’s edge. Throughout the whole 12-minute meeting, the crazed tyrant maintains a solid grasp on the table.

He has his fingers braced beneath the table, his thumb twitching on the top, and he spends the majority of the conversation tapping both feet.

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Vladimir Putin’s health has long been a source of speculation and gossip, but it has been stated that Western intelligence believes he is not in good health. Officials in the Kremlin have consistently denied that their leader, who turns 70 in October, is ill.

putin battling Parkinson

“An able-bodied president would not be anxious about keeping both feet planted on the ground and would not need to push himself up with a handheld out for leverage.” He cited Richard Nixon’s appearance during the 1960 presidential debate against John F. Kennedy as an example.

While recovering from a knee ailment and tiredness, the Republican appeared frail and had to brace himself. “This is not a depiction of a robust Putin,” Bucy noted, “but one who appears increasingly frail and hardly able to stand erect at a small conference table.”

“Putin’s legs are also noticeably thin as if he is suffering from an undiagnosed illness that has caused him to lose weight or muscular mass. “Bloating on his face reinforces an unhealthy image, especially when compared to photographs and footage from a few years ago of the Russian premiere.”

Putin also appears to avoid Shoigu’s gaze, giving the impression of a man who is evasive, afraid, insecure, and uneasy,. Putin was anxious and almost exhibited a “flight” response, according to Professor Patrick Stewart of the University of Arkansas.

He also focused on Putin’s tapping feet, implying that this was “leakage” as he tried to maintain control, with his leg movements likely appearing to be involuntary.

“The hands under the table are virtually begging,” Professor Stewart observed, “although clutching the table is different from what I’ve seen previously – obviously clinging hard to the podium is something we’ve seen Putin do when considering a tough topic in front of the free press.”

putin battling Parkinson

On social media, some experts focused on Putin’s unusual behavior, which may be one of his health’s most telling appearances to date.

Putin has Parkinson’s disease, and here you can see him grasping the table so that his trembling hand is not apparent, but he cannot stop his foot from tapping,” wrote Louise Mensch, a former Tory MP who previously reported on Putin’s potential health concerns.

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It’s not the first time that concerns about the Russian despot’s health have been expressed.

Putin has been evaluated by a doctor who specializes in Thyroid cancer and appears “bloated” and “weak” in recent public appearances, according to experts.

According to a revelation by Russian investigative media Proekt, surgeon Yevgeny Selivanov of Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital flew to Russian President Vladimir Putin 35 times in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. Thyroid cancer is one of the respected doctor’s specialties.

The revelation lends credence to current accusations that Putin declared war while suffering from physical issues that were kept secret from the Russian people. Valery Solovei, a political analyst, unveiled cancer and Parkinson’s theory in November 2020, alleging that Putin also need emergency surgery.

“One is of a psycho-neurological type, the other is a cancer problem,” he remarked at the time of Putin’s health problems. “I’m not a doctor, and I have no ethical right to share these issues if somebody is interested in the exact diagnosis.”

“The second diagnosis is even more serious than the first, because Parkinson‘s does not endanger one’s bodily health, but it does impair one’s ability to appear in public. “There is, however, a deadly diagnosis.”

“People will be able to make a decision about his life horizon based on this information, which will not even require professional medical education.” He went on to say that the Russian President had surgery, which another source claimed was for abdominal cancer.

putin battling Parkinson

Putin’s leg was continually moving and his fingers were twitching in video footage, supporting the Parkinson’s allegation.

Putin recently had a coughing fit at a televised meeting, although the Kremlin refuted the claims concerning his health.

The story continues to name doctors who accompany Putin on travels, particularly to Sochi, which he favors over Moscow.

A neurosurgeon is accompanying Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Dr. Alexey Shcheglov is another surgeon “He apparently follows Putin so closely during public events that he gets into joint photographs with the president.”

He is regarded as “the doctor who, among other things, can be the first to notice thyroid gland issues, particularly oncological ones,” according to reports.

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Since Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the world’s eyes have been on him. At least 2 million people have fled Ukraine so far, with over 1,000 civilians killed, making it Europe’s fastest-growing refugee crisis since WWII.

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