Jayda Cheaves Net Worth: Is Jayda Cheaves a Millionaire?

Jayda Cheaves is a well-known figure on social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube, and she is also a successful businessman. She grew to notoriety after being very active on social media, where she provides information about fashion, modeling, and lifestyle, which garners millions of likes and friends. Her articles about these topics garner a lot of attention online.

She is included on the list of the most prominent quickly emerging internet celebrities in the country due to the fact that Jayda Cheaves has accumulated a following of nearly 7 million people on Instagram alone.

In addition to this, she is the owner of the internet-based apparel boutique known as AmourJayda, which can be visited over the internet. She was approached by a number of various companies, all of which offered her the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for their individual products. This was all due to her outstanding sense of style.

The Beginnings of Jayda Cheaves’ Life

Amour Jayda received the name Jayda Cheaves at the time of her birth on September 25th, 1997 in Savannah, Georgia, in the United States. Jayda Cheaves was her given name.

She maintains an incredibly cautious attitude regarding her upbringing, including her parents and her early life, and she has been effective in avoiding releasing any information regarding her prior academic experience.

Nevertheless, we are aware that she has a sister who has the name Ameerah and who is the proprietor of a beauty parlor in Decatur, Georgia known as The Glam Trap. This city may be found in the Georgia state it calls home.

Additionally, she has a younger brother who goes by the name Len and goes by that name. Moving on to the next phase of her education, she attended Windsor Forest High School, where she eventually earned her graduation in May of 2015. This brings us up to speed on the current situation.

The Career of Jayda Cheaves

At the young age of sixteen, Jayda began her foray into the world of entrepreneurship by releasing an application for mobile devices called Poshmark. Jayda had known for as long as she could remember that she eventually wanted to be her own boss.

She started making a respectable profit not long after she started using the app to offer previously owned articles of clothing for sale, and it was all because of the app.

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In the year 2016, Jayda took the decision to launch her clothing line company in the city of Atlanta, which is located in the state of Georgia. After receiving excellent comments and having the ability to get vital professional experience through the apparel app, she made the decision to build her own website in addition to her clothing line.

After that, she made the decision to establish a new company in Atlanta, Georgia, under the name Amour Jayada. Within this company, she specializes in a variety of products that are associated with the beauty and cosmetics industries.

jayda cheaves net worth

As a result of the success of her company, she decided to launch an e-commerce platform known as Amour Jayda Hair, which specializes in providing women with decent hair. The shop carries a good selection of hair bundles, wigs, and other products that are relevant to the hair industry.

According to a number of media, between the years 2016 and 2018, she sold enough hair products to rake in an estimated sum of $2.5 million in profit from sales of those goods.

Amount of Money Owned by Jayda Cheaves

By the year 2022, it is estimated that Jayda Cheaves will have amassed a net worth of close to four million dollars in the United States. She first came to public attention as the girlfriend of the rapper Lil Baby, and since then, she has established herself as one of the nation’s most popular and swiftly ascending internet celebrities.

In addition to this, she is well-known for the prosperous online clothing businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors that she conducts. Her businesses may be found on the internet.

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It is a significant accomplishment for her that her clothes firm was able to produce more than $2 million in revenue in just one year, as reported by some media. As is the case with many other well-known people, Jayda Cheaves enjoys collecting expensive pieces of jewelry, including diamond rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, and a variety of other accessories.

What Does Jayda Cheaves Do for a Living?

As was already said, Jayda Cheaves’s work as a model and brand ambassador makes up a big part of her net worth. She models for different brands on the runway and in magazines, and she also uses social media to promote clothing, makeup, and other beauty products.

She has worked as an endorser for brands like KISS Colors & Care, Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie, and fast-fashion stores like Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, and GSU WOO.

Jayda Cheaves Dating Status

Jayda Cheaves’ most recent boyfriend was a well-known rapper by the name of Lil Baby, with whom she was previously involved in a romantic partnership. After originally meeting each other through her sister Ameerah’s introduction, the two began dating the following year in 2016.

jayda cheaves net worth

On February 18, 2019, the couple welcomed their first child together, a son whom they have named Loyal Armani. This is the couple’s first experience as parents.

Despite this, Jayda and Lil Baby dated each other from 2017 until 2021, and throughout that time they came to the realization that it was best for them to go their separate ways.

There are rumors circulating that Lil Baby cheated on her with Ms. London, who is a prominent adult film actress in the industry.

 Jayda Cheaves as a Youtuber

Jayda Cheaves also makes money from YouTube, which adds to her net worth. As of July 2022, more than 350,000 people follow her self-titled YouTube account. Her first vlog, which was called Jayda’s First Vlog, came out three years ago and has already been seen more than 460,000 times.

But her Happy Father’s Day vlog has the most views of any of her videos on YouTube. Cheaves, Lil Baby, and their son Loyal Armani can be seen in the video, which was posted on June 24, 2020.

Jayda Cheaves Writes Books.

Cheaves also makes money from the sales of her book, The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Steps to Becoming a Young Boss. She is an endorser, a YouTuber, and the boss of her own business.

The book, which came out in February 2018, looks back at Cheaves’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur and breaks down the most important steps to becoming a successful and inspiring boss.

What is Jayda Cheaves Doing at This Moment?

Jayda lives in Georgia with her son at the moment. She tried to be both a good mother and a good businesswoman. She is also working on her YouTube channel to help her business grow around the world. Jayda played Juvie in the drama Bid for Love, which she did not too long ago.

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