Is President Biden Changing His Mind On Student Loan Forgiveness?

Is President Biden Changing His Mind On Student Loan Forgiveness?

.President Biden is contemplating student loan forgiveness. According to persons familiar with the matter, the White House is contemplating canceling at minimum $10,000 in student debt per borrower by executive action, with support growing as President Joe Biden finds ways of improving voter participation before the November midterm elections.

The move would be dangerous. Some deficit hawks are concerned that it could aggravate inflation, which is already impacting severely on Democrats’ chances of keeping control of the House and Senate. Nevertheless, any measure may not go far enough to satisfy progressives and other supporters.

As to those involved with the internal negotiations, the administration has not yet settled on the proposal’s specifics, but it wants the aid to be targeted at lower- and middle-income people. Biden acknowledged on 2nd April 2022  that he intends to do something, but stated he is not considering forgiveness of $50,000 per borrower.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), together with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Pressley, has frequently urged Biden to remove $50,000 in student loan debt via executive order, claiming that the administration has the adequate legal authority to do so.

As per Pressley, forgiving student loans is about the President honoring his commitment. He adds that the President has the power, the responsibility of his electorate, it’s about responding to the multi-generational, interracial coalition that convincingly elected him.

In his presidential campaign, the president promised to cancel $10,000 per loan, but his White House has been slow to follow through. It has prolonged a temporary hold on student loan payments announced in the early days of the pandemic, allowing it to push the matter farther down the road.

In 2020, loan payments were halted as part of a wider attempt to boost demand during the pandemic recession. That logic no longer stands true, as the Federal Reserve fights rising inflation by attempting to reduce rather than increase expenditure.

According to aides, the president anticipated Congress would take legislative action, and his cabinet is divided on the benefits of comprehensive student loan forgiveness.

Before the midterm elections, the White House is seeking methods to energize progressives and other key voting groups, as polling suggests Democrats have an uphill struggle against an energized Republican base.

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According to Celinda Lake, president of Lake Research Partners, a company that works with Democratic candidates and interest groups and suggested the Biden campaign for president, canceling student debt polls remarkably well among voters under 45, especially young men who may have borrowed money for community or technical college. In an early April Morning Consult/Politico poll, 47 percent of those polled ranked student loan forgiveness as a priority or very essential concern.

A $10,000 per-borrower forgiveness, which is the minimum Biden is considering, would clear loans for 15 million of the 46 million debtors.

A decision like this might have a big impact on Black people, who are disproportionately burdened by student loan debt. The Education Data Initiative reports that the average Black college graduate owes $25,000 more than their white counterparts.

Just four years after graduating from college, over half of the Black students owe an average of 12.5 percent more than they borrowed. 83 percent of white grads owed 12 percent less than they borrowed during the same period. Moreover half of the Black university debtors say their net worth is lower than their outstanding school loans.

What Is The Opinion Of Others On The Matter?


Representative Mondaire Jones thinks that Biden should have canceled more yet forgiving $10,000 is a big deal. On the other hand, Moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin believes action should be taken to ease the burden of loans, but forgiving it completely can be detrimental.

Republicans claim that forgiving student loans is very expensive for the state too much money and leads to inflation. Richard Barr, Senators John Thune, Bill Cassidy, Mike Braun, and Roger Marshall of the Republican Party have filed legislation prohibiting the president from forgiving outstanding federal student loans due to a national emergency.

According to a White House spokesperson, the government’s initiatives on student loans have led to over $17 billion in discharges to over 700,000 debtors, with tens of billions more recovered by the 41 million borrowers who have profited from the prolonged student loan payment freeze.

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