Get Even Season 2: When is Season Two of Get Even Coming Out?

Get Even is a British teen drama series based on Gretchen McNeil’s book of the same name. Four adolescent girls band together to expose and fight injustice. Kim Adis, Mia McKenna-Bruce, Bethany Antonia, and Jessica Alexander are part of the series’ ensemble cast, which was developed by Holly Phillips.

The first season’s 10 episodes were uploaded on the BBC iPlayer on February 14, 2020, and they were added to Netflix on July 31, 2020.

Regarding the show’s status for renewal, both streamers have remained mute. Fans of Get Even who were hooked by the season 1 episodes have persistently demanded a second season.

Name Get Even
Season Get even season 1
Status Season 2 (Released date soon)
Episodes 10
writer Dan Berlinka ,Dan Braham
Director Andrew Gunn, Max Myers
Counrty of Origin United States
1st aired 15 February 2020
Last aired 15 march 2020

Will “Get Even” Have a Second Season?

Yes, season 2 will shortly be released. But the creators have not yet renewed the show. However, if they are successful in getting the renewal and begin production on season 2, we might see the new season by 2022. When Get Even debuted on Netflix, a sizable fan base was eagerly anticipating a second season.

That suggests that the series’ producers may opt to renew it soon. What can reverse the situation is the season 2 Netflix release date. Netflix currently participates in the streaming of shows. It’s also possible that the show won’t receive a second season. And only until the industry leader in streaming determines how well it will do on the platform.

Get Even season 2 Cast

Expect for Get Even Netflix Season 2

After recalling Season 1, you might be pondering what might potentially occur in Season 2. As the concert came to a close, the plot became more complex, leaving the audience wondering what the girls would do next. As previously mentioned, McNeil just released a sequel to its novel, and we stumbled into it when searching for a season 2 storyline.

get even netflix season 2

The second season will likely be based on the author’s second book, which is now in production. The second book written by McNeil is titled “Don’t Get Mad, Get Dirty.” DGM, along with the students and teachers, would reportedly be put at greater risk in the upcoming chapters, according to the book’s description.

If you absolutely cannot wait for the release of season 2, you should read the book before viewing. If you can’t wait to learn what happened to the DGM, all of the spoilers will be in the book.

Recap of the “Get even” Season 1

Bullying is one of these behaviours that has an effect on the victim’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The story’s main theme is bullying and the steps taken to stop it. Grace resolves to run for president in order to have the authority to combat malpractice and create a better living environment on campus.

They stoked the fires in their hearts when they learned upsetting facts, such as the fact that pupils were being drugged while the story was being told. In addition to dealing with all the illnesses, they also deal with common issues like stress, broken relationships, peer pressure, etc. They come upon Mouse, who is trying to harm Bannerman’s reputation, one day.

She explained the reason for her return when asked about Viola’s bullying of her, saying that no one in authority intervened to stop it. The hunter is currently being pursued by the Mouse who was hoping to exact revenge.

By hiding a hearing aid to disclose the offender, they eventually located Mouse. They were given permission to perform during the main event and won the competition after playing the audio. Throughout the programme, the three girls improved their sleuthing skills, looked into potential suspects, and used inventive and unique methods to follow up on leads. They faced moral dilemmas and the shifting sands of friendship and love.

After the 1st season you might be wondering what might happen in season 2. Viewers started to worry what would happen to the ladies next as the series came to a finish and the plot grew more complex.

get even netflix season 2

Trailer of the Get Even

There hasn’t been a trailer released yet because the developer of the programme hasn’t yet renewed it. We can anticipate the trailer to be released mid of the 2022, if we consider that the show will launch in end  of the 2022. While you wait for the release of season 2, you can refresh your memory by viewing the season 1 trailer.


Reviews for the Get Even

The series is fantastic in many respects. I liked it because of the plot and, more significantly, because there was no overtly sexual content for teenagers. Although there were many scenes of drinking and partying, no extras were utilised because it was necessary for the screenplay. Excellent acting and performance were delivered by the cast. I’m hoping there will be a second season of this.


How Many Seasons Have Passed Since the Beginning?

No. of season-1

Where Was the Movie Ever Shot?

He told the Manchester Evening News, “We filmed all throughout Manchester for the most part, as well as sites around the city like Bolton.

What Language Does Get Even Speak?


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