Former Idaho Lawmaker Convicted For Raping A Girl!

Why is a former Idaho lawmaker convicted? Former Idaho Lawmaker convicted for raping a girl. A former Idaho politician was convicted for sexual assault with an intern at the statehouse. The victim stepped off the witness stand in a sensational testimony. She said that she cannot stand this trial anymore.

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What Are The Charges On The Former Idaho Lawmaker?

Former Idaho lawmaker, Aaron von Ehlinger, 39, assaulted the intern in his residence after the duo had supper at a Boise restaurant in March 2021. He was a Republican. He resigned as a Lewiston representative a month after being charged with sexual penetration with a foreign object. Though he was found not guilty. He insisted that the sex was mutual.

In his July sentence, the former lawmaker receives a least one year in prison up to a lifetime in prison. During the second day of the case, his undisclosed complainant entered the witness stand before abruptly leaving.

What Happened In The Trial?


She blamed him for placing his fingers between her legs and locking her knees. She couldn’t say anything anymore. The judge gave the prosecutor’s office 10 minutes to trace her and see whether she would appear for trial. When she failed to show up, her statement was removed from the documentation since the prosecution did not have the opportunity to cross-examine her.

Ada County Prosecuting Attorney Jan Bennetts said it takes an extraordinary amount of guts to come forward with this. He wanted the victim on her bravery in coming out.
When the judgment was read after seven hours of testimony, Aaron von Ehlinger remained quiet. He testified that after supper at a high-end restaurant, he invited the intern to “hang out,” and that they ended up making love at his flat.

Former Idaho lawmaker Aaron von Ehlinger added that he asked the intern if she wanted to move to the bed as things were going well. Then she replied she too wanted to. He stated that the intercourse was mutual.

Prosecutors claimed that the former congressman used “social, political, and physical dominance over the petite intern. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Katelyn Farley told the jury Aaron von Ehlinger misused that power to assault and violently enter her during closing arguments.

A nurse testified that the girl injured her head on the back of her skull while attempting to flee von Ehlinger, who she claimed tied her down and made her engage in oral sex while showing his revolver on a table near his bed.

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The panel took a break for the evening after discussing for seven hours till approximately 8 p.m. Thursday. The judge brought the counsel to his chambers at one point when the jury raised a question. The jury’s investigation was kept private.

The intern was subjected to constant abuse from some of Aaron von Ehlinger’s supporters after the accusations got public — partly as a result of the legislative ethics probe. In “doxxing” episodes, her identity, photo, and intimate details about her life were frequently made public.

One of the guys who assaulted her on a regular basis was in the courthouse for the hearing, but police enforcement barred him from the floor where the trial was heard.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Katelyn Farley told the jury during closing arguments that the case was about “power in the wrong hands” being used to “devastate” the intern. According to Farley, Von Ehlinger exercised social, political, and physical dominance over the intern.

Farley pointed at Aaron von Ehlinger and said that he used that authority to rape and violently rape her.  She cited the testimony of law enforcement authorities and a nurse sexual assault examiner who questioned the intern after the alleged attack as examples of the intern’s resistance.

Farley remarked that the act of yanking your head back and injuring yourself demonstrates a lack of consent.

What Did The Defense Say?


The defense claimed that the prosecution’s case was filled with “red herrings,” and that former Idaho lawmaker Aaron Von Ehlinger’s evidence was trustworthy.

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