Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Controversy

Britney Spears in her Instagram post mentioned her ex-husband Kevin Federline. She stated that her ex-husband denied meeting when she was pregnant.

Britney Spears and Kevin’s three-year marriage ultimately came to an end in 2007. A year in which after she asked for a divorce citing “unresolved issues”. Their marriage was difficult throughout.

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How Is The Relationship Between Britney Spears And Kevin?


Custody of their two kids, Preston and Jayden, who are now 16 and 15, was one of the main points of difficulty between the couple.

Britney wanted legal and physical custody of the children, as well as “reasonable visitation rights” for Kevin, but the two finally made an arrangement and agreed to have joint custody.

Kevin was granted sole custody of the boys. Britney had mental health collapse in 2008.  It ended in her being placed on a psychiatric hold.  They came to an agreement in which she would get two weekly visits and one overnight stay.

Their partnership as exes and co-parents has had its highs and lows over the years. It hit a low point in 2018 when Kevin demanded an increase in the $20,000 per month child support payments he’d been receiving from Britney Spears. While she was already covering all of their children’s expenses, including school, insurance, and clothing.

Kevin was criticized for his demand. He was quickly perceived as a cash grab. As a result, he’s been ridiculed by Britney Spear’s supporters. They blamed him for becoming “money hungry”. And they blamed him for failing to emotionally support her. Despite the fact that she spent 13 years under strict guardianship.

Britney Spears remained under the legal agreement from 2008 to November 2021. It was ultimately canceled in court after a lengthy legal battle.

Once Britney first spoke out against the conservatorship terms in June. Kevin released a declaration through his lawyer, saying, “It doesn’t matter how positive of an effect a conservatorship has had if it’s having a deleterious and detrimental effect on her state of mind,” adding that he “supports her having the best environment for her to live in and for his children to visit with their mother in.”

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What Is The Controversy All About?


Earlier this month, Britney Spears mentioned in her pregnancy Instagram post. She is pregnant for the third time with her fiancee Sam Ashgari.

Britney Spears, on the other extreme, chose to make a risky confession on Instagram, portraying Federline in a negative light.

“But geez, my ex-husband [Kevin Federline] wouldn’t see me when I traveled to New York with a baby inside me and Las Vegas for a video shoot!!!” Britney Spears penned the piece. She later deleted the post.

Kevin’s Reaction To Britney Spear’s Post

Britney Spears’s statements did not go ignored by Federline and his lawyer. He responded immediately. They stated that if Spears does not retract, she will face legal consequences,. It may also culminate in a lawsuit.

“[Britney’s account] is absolutely false, and she is well aware of this. She should be cautious about engaging in a conversation based on revisionist history “TMZ quoted Mark Vincent Kaplan as saying.

As per Kevin’s lawyer when Britney starts telling about how things were when Jayden and Preston were babies, she’s lying. Kevin will not stand by and let that be the portrayal of fact.

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