A Derailed Amtrak Train In Missouri Results In 3 Fatalities And 50 Injuries

Officials said that three people were killed and at least 50 were hurt when an Amtrak train derailed in Missouri on Monday.

According to Cpl. Justin Dunn, a spokeswoman for Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop B, two of the fatalities occurred on board the train, while the third occurred in a dump truck that was hit by the railway.

As per the catalog of railway crossings maintained by the US Department of Transportation, motorists reaching the remote crossing in Missouri’s Chariton County would be seeing two X-shaped black-and-white signs, known as crossbucks, that frequently read “railroad crossing.” But there were no bells, lights flashing, sidewalk markers, or gate arms at the intersection.

The most recently available information from the Department of Transportation indicates that approximately 29 trains passed through the crossing per day and approximately the same number at night in 2019. Freight trains accounted for the majority of the traffic. Two passenger trains passed the crossing each day during that year. According to the papers, trains can go through the corridor at a maximum speed of 90 mph. The BNSF Railway has primary control over the crossing.

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The Missouri Department of Transportation produced an infrastructure plan this year that called for upgrading the crossover this year at a cost of $400,000 to include lighting, gates, and other road upgrades.

Authorities reported that the terrible occurrence occurred at an uncontrolled crossing southwest of town where a gravel road intersected train tracks without any motion gates or warning lights.

Around 12:42 p.m., according to Amtrak, a public crossing outside the city of Mendon is where the train and dump truck crashed.

In an amended announcement, company representatives indicated that eight cars and two engines departed the line “after hitting a truck that was blocking a public crossing near Mendon, Missouri.” Reporters were informed by Dunn that seven cars had derailed.
There were roughly 243 passengers and 12 crew members on board the train, according to preliminary information from Amtrak.

The patrol reported that the fourth victim and the other two were on board the Southwest Chief train. Additionally killed was the driver of a compactor that was struck by a railway on Monday close to Mendon, Missouri.

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The patrol reported that approximately 150 persons were evacuated from the site to ten local hospitals by law enforcement and Amtrak authorities. They suffered from slight to severe wounds.

According to officials, a school has been transformed into a triage facility for patients with mild injuries.

He said the train fell over on the side that his compartment was on. Nightingale, who was not injured, said he couldn’t get through the window, which was blocked by dirt, so he grabbed his backpack and climbed into the hallway. Then he moved into a neighboring room where he found a way to climb out and onto the side of the train.
He claimed that some people assisted others in getting to the ground so that he and other others could walk to the front of the train. He claimed that the vehicle appeared to be filled with large rocks.
He claimed that it “struck something substantial” in order to make every car explode.
According to Scott Armstrong, director of national publicity for the Boy Scouts of America, two Boy Scout groups from Appleton, Wisconsin, were aboard the Amtrak train and helped those who were injured.
The scouts on the train, according to Armstrong, are thought to be between the ages of 14 and 17, and he verified that none of them were wounded. There were eight adults with the soldiers.
According to Armstrong, the two groups were returning from a trip to the New Mexico-based Philmont Scout Ranch.

Dax McDonald, who boarded the Southwest Chief train in Flagstaff, Arizona, was one of them. He noticed a huge dump truck driving through a haze of dust as it passed close to Mendon while staring out the right-hand side of the train.

He remembered the train moving steadily and quickly. The train lurched forward after a loud bang, according to McDonald. Then, it started to lean to the right before abruptly collapsing to the ground. In a video he shared on Twitter, the train’s interior was shown to be on its side, with disorganized passengers rummaging through their overturned bags. A passenger exiting the overturned passenger car filmed a Facebook Live video shortly after.

The distance between Kansas City and Mendon is around 100 miles. The train was making its way between Los Angeles and Chicago.
Amtrak advised travelers to phone or text 1-800-USA-RAIL if they needed information about the train right away.
The National Transportation Safety Board announced in a tweet that it is sending a 14-person team to the incident site. Monday night, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced that investigators from the Federal Railroad Administration were on their way.
This was the second time in two days that an Amtrak train collided with a passenger car. On a train that struck a car on Sunday in a remote part of California, there were 85 passengers on board. According to officials, three people died and two others had serious injuries. The officials also said that all of the casualties were inside the car.

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